Finger Prints of Faith March 2017
Finger Prints of Faith March 2017
View online. March 20, 2017
Finger Prints of Faith
Dear Friends,
I am so happy to say we have met all our needs for 2016 and through February 2017 Casa de Fe is in the black. That is because of you… all of you who have so generously donated to help us care for the children of Casa de Fe. I know you have seen over the last year us talking about the need for a new van at CdF, now this need is urgent. The 2004 van that we have had for many years is now costing us more in maintenance than it is worth but without this van it would be impossible to operate. It is used daily to take the special needs children to school, doctors appointments, home study visits as well as special outing with the children. In addition to the daily runs the van is also used for trips to the hospital and appointments to Puyo, Ambato and Quito. We would like to purchase a new van like the one we have. It is a Hyundai H1 12 passenger van and the cost for a new one is $45,000. I know this need is huge but I know through you God will provide for this need. A church in Florida has already pledged the 1st $3000. Would your church consider taking up a special offering, would you do a special fundraiser or help with a little extra this month for this project? There is a “Van Fund” block to check on the donation page of the CdF web site, CLICK HERE to go directly to that page. 
Click on the photo above for a short video showing how the van is used and see the beautiful children it serves. 
Thank you all for helping with this need.

Special Personal Need from Patti Sue
John Paul and I will be making a trip to Florida, hopefully in mid August for 3 to 4 weeks. This is to acquire John Paul’s US citizenship. I am in need of a single lady or a couple to come and run my household while we are gone. There will be 3 to 4 young ladies and a boy at my home during the time of our absence. If you are interested in helping in this way and or would like more information please e-mail me directly at or call me on my Magic Jack line at 601-990-6805.
Thank you for your assistance.
Patti Sue
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Casa de Fe YouTube page
Praise and Prayer
  • Please pray for the 3 babies we received over the last month. All with very special needs. 
  • Please pray for Cinita, Kruskya and Tatiana who are now all 15 years old.
  • Please pray for the Missionary personnel needs at CdF. A teacher for 2017-18 school year, a nurse, and a maintenance manager, just to name a few. 
  • We still have a few openings this year for teams, please pray God will fill these openings with amazing new teams. If interested email Mandy at
  • Please pray for Mandy and Chris Zuniga as Mandy will be in the US with 2 of the girls and Chris will remain Ecuador.  
  • Please pray that the need for a new van will be met and the old van would hold out until we have the new one.
Greetings from the Chaplain!!
“The Love of God is greater far, than tongue or pen can ever tell…God’s love so measureless and strong, shall forevermore endure, the saints and angels song!”
I love this hymn! It brings back a lot of memories, and always reminds me that, no matter what our mistakes, our failures; no matter where we are at, or what problems we face: God’s love is bigger, and will take us through!
I have been sharing a lot about the love of God here at Casa de Fe recently, whether with the visiting teams that have been here, counseling with some of the struggling young boys and girls, or during Sunday School. We have shared about how God’s love will take our broken pieces and mend them, how he will change us through the power of his love, and how his love is what flows through us and allows us to overcome and be more like him.
During bible class at the Casa de Fe school recently, I chose several different pairs of ‘opposites’ children (out of the group of 13 3-5 year olds) to stand up, and then proceed to ask them who they think God loves more…the older ones or the younger ones? The darker ones or the whiter ones? The biggest or the smaller? The boys or the girls? Domenica, a very bright 5 year old girl in first grade, responded each question very sincerely… the ‘morenitos!’ (darker ones), the small children, God loves girls more!!! It was an amazing time of pure laughter, and to see that she feels God’s love so much, that he cannot possibly love everyone as much as he loves her!
I would like to challenge each of you this month, to remember how special you are to God. My hope is that you may feel so special, so loved by God, that you know without a doubt that he is in control of everything, he is taking care of you…and his love for you is the same love that cares for these children here, that picks them up off of the streets, give them care with people that love them, and teach them how to overcome every obstacle through his love.
Del Director
Doy gracias al Creador de los Cielos y la tierra, por todo las bendiciones que, aquí en casa de fe, nos ha dado, pero sabemos que de todas ellas nuestro Padre nos ayudado y nunca se ha separado de nuestro lado, la cual es todas las cosas son para bien. 
En estos días meses que el Padre de los Cielos nos ha regalado, hemos compartido muchas ratos muy felices con todos los niños de casa, jugando de diferentes formas, también fue otra momento lindo con los niños de la escuela manejando la buseta y mi copilota fue Tatiana, en la cual Taty me iba indicando todo lo que encontraba en el camino y ella fue una muy buena ayuda.
Al comienzo de este mes nos llegó un lindo niño a casa, con el tuvimos un largo viaje, pero no fue cansado, ya que todo lo que se hace se hace como para el Padre de los cielos y con amor para los niños, fuimos a Quito, a déjale en el hospital para que le valoren en su totalidad al niño, para que el niño estece bien con su salud, cuando se pone las cosas en las manos de nuestro Dios, todo sale a la perfección y como el Creador lo quiere, por eso todos los que estamos en Casa de fe estamos en los Planes de Nuestro Creador Dios.
Seguimos trabajando con el mismo ánimo y gozo con cada uno de los niños niñas adolecentes y discapacidades especiales que se encuentran aquí. Y a Ustedes que nos ayudan tanto espiritualmente con sus oraciones y  económicamente para Casa de fe. Que El Padre de los Cielos los bendiga mucho tanto en su familia, en su trabajo y en sus congregaciones.
Instruye al niño en su camino en su camino y aun cuando fuere viejo no se aparte de El.            Prov. 22:6  
From the Director
May our heavenly Father greatly bless you
From Henry
I give thanks to the Creator of heaven and earth, for all the blessings that he has given us here in Casa de Fe; and we know that with all of them our Father has helped us and never left our side, he uses all things for our good.
In these days that our heavenly Father had given us, we have shared many happy moments with the children here, playing many different games with them. Another beautiful moment was when I was driving the van with the special needs children to school, with Tatiana as my co-pilot. She pointed out everything that we passed by, and was indeed a great help!
At the beginning of this month a new child came to Casa de Fe, and we had to take him on a very long ride to Quito, but it was not without its reward, as what we do out of love for the children here we do for our heavenly Father. We brought him to the hospital in Quito, where they gave him a complete evaluation, and everything came out ok. We know that when we leave things in Gods hands, he takes care of everything; and we know that all of us here at Casa de Fe are in his plans.
We continue to work for the needs of each of the boys, girls, adolescents and special need children that are here. To each of you that support us both spiritually with your prayers and economically for Casa de Fe, may God bless you, your families, your jobs and your congregations.
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart form it.      Prov. 22:6

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