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2022-2023 Housing Process | Assignment Notification
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During the past few weeks, you applied for housing as a student participating in Room Renewal, a student with an approved DSS housing accommodation, or as an invited roommate of a student who participated in one of those two applications. Today, we’re officially notifying you of your 2022-2023 housing assignment. For those of you who participated in Room Renewal, you already know which room you will be living in. Consider this another reassurance of your room for next year!
Your 2022-2023 Housing Assignment
You may now view your 2022-2023 housing assignment in your Campus Living eServices Portal by selecting the “View Your 2022-2023 Housing Assignment and Dining Plan” link.
View Your 2022-2023 Housing Assignment
If you have vacant bed spaces in your 2022-2023 room, expect that you will receive roommates in the coming weeks as more of your peers apply for housing. We will notify you later this month if and when you receive a new roommate through the application process.
For those in a new room next year, take a moment to view as well as 3D tours and floor plans for your room. Don’t see your room’s floor plan? Know that not all of our rooms have current floor plans and we are upgrading to a new floor plan database here soon. By the early summer, updated floor plans should be available to view.
Also, for reference next year’s housing rates are posted online. 

Your 2022-2023 Dining Plan

During your housing application, you also selected your 2022-2023 dining plan. We are incredibly excited for our new dining experience in the fall and hope that you look forward to the possibilities that your dining plan provides you. You may view the 2022-2023 dining plan you selected in your Campus Living eServices Portal by selecting the “View Your 2022-2023 Housing Assignment and Dining Plan” link.
View Your Selected 2022-2023 Dining Plan
As promised, if you would like to change your 2022-2023 dining plan, you have the opportunity to adjust your plan. In your Campus Living eServices Portal, select the “Change 2022-2023 Dining Plan” link, and follow the prompts to adjust your dining plan:
Adjust Your Dining Plan
You can adjust your dining plan as many times as you desire up until Wednesday, June 1 at 5 PM EST, at which point no changes to dining plans will be permitted for rising upperclass residents. Have questions about your dining plan or our new dining experience? Reach out to the GW Dining team at

Room Swap: Coming In July

Even though you have just received your room assignment for next year, we also know you may want to make a change to your living situation before the fall. While that is understandable, please note that we are unable to make any changes to your assignment at this time. In order to be fair to all applying, we do not make any adjustments to housing assignments until after all students have completed the application process. 
Your opportunity to change rooms, if desired, will come this summer. Throughout all of July, we will have a Room Swap period open to all students who desire to move to a different space for next year. Stay tuned for more information to come in June.

Canceling Your 2022-2023 Housing and Dining (For Eligible Reasons)

With your room and meal plans set, your next step in preparing for next academic year is class registration (more to come on that from the Registrar’s Office later this semester). However, as the fall semester nears we recognize that your academic plans may change and you may need to adjust your on-campus living situation.
The following students are eligible to cancel their 2022-2023 housing based on this criteria:
  • Rising 4th or 5th year students. Cancellation requests for rising 4th year or 5th year students made prior to March 15 at 5 pm EST will incur no cancellation fees.All rising 4th year or 5th year cancellation requests after March 15 at 5 PM EST will incur a $125 cancellation fee.
  • Students studying abroad in Fall 2022 (no cancellation fee applied)
  • Students leaving the university (no cancellation fee applied)
If you meet the eligibility requirements and need to cancel your fall housing and dining, go to your Campus Living eServices Portal, select “Cancel 2022-2023 Housing” link, and follow the prompts to submit a cancellation request. Please note: housing and dining are paired together - you cannot cancel one without canceling the other as a dining plan is required if you live on-campus. 
Submit a Housing Cancellation Request
Once your housing assignment is canceled, you forfeit any rights to the room you were originally assigned for 2022-2023. If after you cancel your housing, your situation changes and you want to live on-campus for 2022-2023, you can re-apply for housing again. However, please note that you will not be guaranteed housing and may be put on a waitlist depending on current capacity. As such, be sure your cancellation decision is final before submitting your request.
Have any questions about your assignment or anything else shared here? Email us at
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