How to Banish All or Nothing Thinking
All or nothing thinking can negatively impact your efforts to fit exercise into your life in ways that you don’t realize.
All or nothing thinking is the mentality that no effort to work out or get healthy is good enough. For some, this means that exercise must be done perfectly or not at all. For others, this means that if they have to miss half a workout class, then they will not go at all.
However, T. Glenn Pait, M.D., says exercise doesn’t work this way. Some physical activity is better than none at all. “Aerobic activity should be performed in episodes of at least 10 minutes and, preferably, should be spread throughout the week.”
5 ways to add fitness into your schedule
Use Your Lunchtime – Don’t just sit at your desk at lunch. Walk to nearby restaurants, find a fitness buddy and walk around your office building or walk around the mall for an hour.
Don’t Be a Couch Potato – If you’re normal evening routine is watching “The Tube,” do squats, lunges, jumping jacks and push-ups during commercials. Or, try the Couch Potato Workout to get in your workout and watch your favorite show.
Hit the Stairs – At work go out of your way to walk up the stairs to take a break, go to the restroom or to a meeting. This may mean you have to leave for a meeting 10 minutes early, but your body will thank you.   
Turn Chores into Exercise – Make chores count! While cooking do standing push-ups on the kitchen counter and do squats while loading laundry. Work in a quick 5-minute power walk when you walk to the mailbox in the morning or evening.
Get the Family Involved – Don’t think your family will want be thrilled about your new fitness routine? Get them involved! If they are young, invest in a jogging stroller and take them on a walk or jog to the park. If they are older, pop in a workout DVD and learn something new together.
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