How to integrate a profitable sleep apnea practice into your dental office
How to integrate a profitable sleep apnea practice into your dental office
MAY 9, 2017
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This publication is your resource for expert advice on how to integrate and improve a successful and profitable sleep apnea practice into your dental office. I'm Dr. Marty Lipsey, a national lecturer and consultant on dental sleep medicine. You can learn more about me here.

I've created the SnoozeLetter as a bi-monthly resource for dentists just like you, looking to implement or grow a dental sleep medicine practice to help patients enjoy relief from chronic snoring, sleep deprivation, and the harmful, oppressive side effects associated with sleep apnea. I hope you learn a lot, but I also hope you'll send me your feedback, questions, and ideas for future editions. Email me here. 

Hope to see you in June at the AADSM in Boston!

Marty Lipsey, DDS, MS

The key to case acceptance for sleep apnea treatment is focusing on symptom relief.
Increase Case Acceptance,
Sell Symptom Relief
Many factors contribute to case acceptance. A sleep apnea patient will ask about costs and whether medical insurance will pay for sleep apnea testing and treatment. (If you need medical billing codes for dental procedures, ask me for more information.) Commonly, patients inquire about comfort and convenience. Will the oral appliance be easy to wear, care for, and maintain? Preparing positive answers to these questions is important to case acceptance.

However, the most irritating issues for sleep apnea patients threaten their quality of life every day, interfering with their work, relationships, happiness, and health. By focusing on symptom relief during case presentation, you will speak to the patient’s most intimate and challenging concerns. Read More
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