Dear business students, 
Today and every day for the last week, millions of people in every state in our nation have protested in the streets, demanding justice for the murder of George Floyd and so many before him. 

We stand with the Floyd family. We stand with our black and brown students, who walk through each day with fear. We stand with those demanding justice, accountability, and equality. And we offer our support for the tremendous grief and fear so many are feeling. We are all seeking the language and behaviors that will soothe a deep wound initially inflicted over 400 years ago that has been allowed to fester. This wound cannot heal quickly. We all have a great deal of work to do as we embark on this journey together.

If you experience difficulty focusing on your assignments or exams please contact your instructor. All business faculty members have been instructed to reach out to the leadership team in The School of Business to determine the best way to help you. If you need to connect with someone for emotional support, please contact Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) at 503-725-2800. Here is a list of community and campus resources for students who need support right now.  Additionally, here are resources for communities of color in the greater Portland area. 
If you are a student of color seeking community, consider joining our ATMOS program in The School of Business. The ATMOS team is here to listen and talk to you as you process through this horrific time, and we will support you throughout your studies. 
If you are a white person seeking ways to educate yourself about racism and participate in anti-racism work, we provide a list of resources here.  
This is a seminal time in this country's history, and it is essential that we step up as a community to enact change that will reverse the systemic and structural racism that has plagued this country, this city, and this campus from their inception.
Staying silent or turning away is no longer an option. 
Our nation, and the systems we operate within, were built on white supremacy. Academia is no exception. Our predominantly white faculty and staff must confront our shared responsibility to create systemic change.
The vision of The School of Business is to redefine business and transform lives. Right now, we are reflecting on our vision’s true meaning and we are committed to doing better. We are committed to anti-racism work and to creating a more equitable future for our students. We will be in contact over the coming months to share our action plan and the steps we can take as a community.      
Cliff Allen
Evan Green 
Assistant Director of Diversity & Equity Outreach
Alex Garfias 
Diversity Outreach Specialist 
Lisa Heinsdale 
Diversity Support Coordinator
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