Make note of these reporting deadlines
Make note of these reporting deadlines
FY 2021-22 closeout coming soon
With the end of the fiscal year approaching, don't forget the following important salary reporting deadlines:
By July 15, 2022
  • All salary files through June 2022 are due from employers that report TRSL contributions.
By July 19, 2022
  • All contribution exception reports must be cleared.
  • All online contribution corrections must be processed.
Contribution exception reports:
Employers have until July 19 to make corrections to their monthly salary and contributions reports through EMIS.
Online EMIS access will not be available after July 19 for corrections to monthly contribution exception reports. Additionally, salaries and contributions will be removed from records with outstanding exceptions, which could result in your employees receiving less than a full year of service credit on their FY 2022 Member Statement.
To find out how to pull your contribution exception report and clear your exceptions, please refer to Index 4.0, beginning on Page 44 of the Employer Procedures Manual.
Submit corrections before July 19 to avoid interest:
Online contribution corrections submitted after July 19, 2022, will require an online Prior Year Correction of Earnings and Contributions, and may be subject to interest charges.
All online processes that include Prior Year and Full-Time Only Corrections will be available for Fiscal Year 2021-22 after close-out and the Account History posting process is complete. We will email you when the online processes are available. 
Questions about contribution exception reports?
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