A GREAT Summer!!!
A GREAT Summer!!!
View online. July 17, 2017
Finger Prints of Faith

Click above to see beautiful photos of the Kids being Kids at CdF. These photos have  been printed on canvases and are available with your $100 or more donation. They will be broken down and shipped to you as groups come and go so you can have a way to keep Casa de Fe close to your hearts. For more information email pattisue@lacasadefe.org This special offer is available through August 2017. Canvases of the photos in the video below are also available. 
From Patti Sue
There is so much going on at Casa de Fe that I don’t know where to start. Please check out the Staff need below. Maybe you know someone who can fill one of these needs, maybe that someone is YOU! Email Volunteers for Casa de Fe at volunteers@lacasadefe.org for more information. 
Summer teams started early this year with our first team coming Mid May and our last team leaving Mid August. But we still have room for more teams so please pray about joining a pre-existing team or putting together your own. We have many people willing to help you put together and lead a team to visit us here in Shell Ecuador at Casa de Fe. Contact teams@lacasadefe.org for more information. 
Donations have been low lately and we are fast coming up on the required August bonuses for all the employees of Casa de Fe. This need is $16,875.00 in addition to existing payroll and operating cost. Please help us get through this time of need by doing a special fundraiser for Casa de Fe. Big or Small anything you can do will be helpful. If you need any assistance we are here to help with information and ideas. We need you help.
Amazon Smile
Hope Extended the 501c3 that supports Casa de Fe, is now an option on Amazon Smile. It is easy to set up Hope Extended as your designated non-profit. Please take a few minutes to do this and Casa de Fe through Hope Extended will receive a % or your purchaces on Amazon. It may be a small % but it will add up if everyone signs up. Click Here to get started. Type in Hope Extended and choose Hope Extended  Brookhaven MS

    Staff Needs
    • Pastor (must be able to minister in Spanish)**
    • Health care manager
    • Therapists (Occupational, Physical, Speech)
    • Psychologist (specializing in trauma in children, must speak Spanish)
    • Help with managing teams on site
    • Maintenance/construction manager 
    • Teachers or people willing to teach**
    ** Urgent needs

    Prayers and Praises
    • We are so thankful to those of you who helped us get to our goal to purchase a new van for CdF. We are waiting for van's to be brought into Ecuador and should be driving the new van by the End of August and just in time for the new school year.
    • Please pray for the August need to pay bonuses to the Employees of CdF. Please consider doing a fund raiser for this need. There are people standing by to help you set one up if you need any assistance you can email me at pattisue@lacasadefe.org and I will get you in touch with the people who can help.
    • Please pray that the children have a safe and relaxing vacation time. 
    • Please pray for the transition of 5 children and their older siblings to Sweet Refuge in Banos. The new transition home under CdF. 
    • Praise the Lord the children at CdF have been very healthy lately. Please pray for continued health.
    • Please pray for the CdF staff as we are finishing out the last 2 teams of the Summer season. If you are interested in bringing a team to CdF please contact teams@lacasadefe.org for more information. It would be great to see you here!

    Del Diretor
    Doy gracias al Creador de los Cielos y la tierra, porque nos ha permitido estar con vida hasta hoy, pero sabemos que nuestro Padre nos ayudado y nunca se ha separado de nuestro lado, la cual es todas las cosas son para bien ya que nuestro Padre tiene el control de todo y estamos en los  planes de Él. 
    Ya empezó las vacaciones todos los niños finalizaron sus clases pero hay algunos de nuestros niños que están para recuperación, en este tiempo es una locura los grupos que nos visitan tendrán mucho tiempo de pasar junto a ellos, se ha  planificado paseos con los niños y para estos se les dividió en grupos ya que sacarles a todos juntos es demasiado. Tenemos actividades extras en casa para vacaciones con los niños y tías Es un tiempo maravillosos que los niños atesoran mucho en sus corazones el pasar con grupos que cada año nos vitan y ver caras conocidas a ellos les gusta mucho , a pesar de aquellos momentos hermosos  no se queda atrás nuestras necesidades , es de adquirir una lavadora y secadora industrial , ese es uno de los proyectos que necesitamos , ya que la que tenemos no  son industriales y se nos dañan muy seguidamente, aunque le damos mantenimiento se deterioran muy rápido, es por el uso constante de todo los días y las maquinas no descansan en todo el día porque debemos tener limpio la ropa de todos y en especial de los bebes.
    Otro del gran proyecto que teníamos se hará realidad y para la gloria de Dios  en poco tendremos buseta y horno nueva gracias a las oraciones y donaciones.
    Seguimos trabajando con el mismo ánimo y gozo con cada uno de los niños niñas adolescentes y discapacidades especiales que se encuentran aquí. Y a Ustedes gracias por las ayudas que realizan para nuestra casa y Que El Padre de los Cielos los bendiga mucho tanto en su familia, en su trabajo y en sus congregaciones.
    Instruye al niño en su camino en su camino y aun cuando fuere viejo no se aparte de Él.    Prov. 22:6  
    From the Director
    I give thanks to the Creator of heaven and earth, for the life that he has given us, knowing that our Father never leaves our side, and that he makes all things work together for our good in his plans.
    It is vacation time! All of our children have finished classes, but some of them have to go back for recovery classes, so it is that crazy time of year! The teams that come to visit over this time will spend a lot of time with the children, and we have outings planned with all of the children, in each of the different age groups, since all at once is way too much to handle! We also have extra activities planned here at home with the Tias. These days are special days for the children, times that they will treasure in their hearts spending time with the teams that each year come down, seeing familiar faces and spending great times together.
    We also have several projected needs, mainly being an industrial washer and dryer, since the ones that we have always used are not industrial, and are often failing and needing repair work, and even with the continued maintenance that we give them they deteriorate quickly because of the constant and daily use that we give them, using them all day to keep all of the toddlers and special needs children in clean clothes.
    Of the other projects that we had going, for the Glory of God have been completed, and shortly we will have a new van and a new oven, thank you for your prayers and donations to these ends.
    We continue to work with the same joy and love for the children, adolescents and special needs children that are here. And to each one of you and your support of Casa thank you, and may the Heavenly Father bless you and your families, your work and your congregations.
    Raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is older he will not depart from it.  Prov. 22:6
    Blessings from the Chaplains desk:
    But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them! For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."            Matthew 19:14
    It has been an amazing number of weeks! We have finally ended the school year at CdF school, and it was a blast teaching the children and watching them put into practice in their daily lives the Bible stories and lessons learned at school. It has been an amazing adventure starting the chaplain program at Casa de Fe, starting the Sunday school services and the counseling with the children. We have seen amazing growth in the children, their desire to know and follow Gods word, and their love of spending time singing and learning. Our prayer is always that each child can come to know God in a personal way, and grow up to have a firm and stable youth and adult life. Because of their very hard childhood, one of the most important things for these children is that they can find stability in every area and aspect of their life.
    Considering this, we have had to make a very tough decision. With the other ministry that we are doing taking up more of our time, we find that we can be at Casa de Fe only a couple days a week. Knowing that the chaplain needs to daily be in the lives of these children, creating a much needed stability for them, we have decided to step down from our position of Chaplain at Casa de Fe. This is not a decision that we take lightly, but rather consider it as being in the best interest of the children and of the foundation, so that someone can be full time in this position. We are grateful to God for everything that we have been able to start and put into place during our time here, for the growth in the children and the love for Gods word; and are praying for God to send someone that can carry on the work that we have started, someone that the foundation can come behind and fully support in this much needed area of care for the children, and who can bring it to even greater levels of impact than ever before. 
     We will, Lord willing, continue at Casa de Fe as volunteers, in the areas that we can and are asked to help, such as helping with Bible teaching and translating, so we look forward to seeing you down here shortly!!
    Click above to see the beautiful children of Casa de Fe, June and July.
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