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What happened at our Rising Stars Awards Dinner, at I-MAX , with our new chair? 
(Check out ALL the images for a full "picture" of what's trending for June at Marketing EDGE.)
volume VI | issue 6
JUNE 2014
As a nonprofit, our mission is to Educate, Develop, Grow, and Employ college students in the field of marketing.

Rising Stars Photo Montage with Intern Photo of the Week and I-MAX


Christine Aguilera
Earlier this month, I was named chair of this dynamic, 48-year-old organization … with its rich history of ensuring a steady pipeline of market-ready talent for our field. I am privileged to represent 50+ Trustees from across Marketing’s spectrum who are ready, willing and able to deliver on the Marketing EDGE mission.

This nonprofit opens doors for thousands of bright students eager to begin marketing careers. And, one reason (among many) that I am involved with Marketing EDGE is to “give back.” I invite you to join me in this endeavor, along with hundreds of other corporate leaders. Learn more about our organization’s “EDGE” below; and click here to read more about my vision for the coming two years. Together, let’s continue to open doors.

Christine Aguilera

Marketing EDGE Chair
Master of Ceremonies Dave Scott
Dave Scott, emcee, snaps a shot of the audience, as hashtag #2014RisingStars trends nationally.
Rising Stars Interview
(l-r) Dave Scott interviews Rising Stars Alex Wasserman, Emily Riley, Carrie Parker, Guillermo Novillo, Dimitri Maex, Yvette Lui.
Gary Laben, CEO, KBM Group, poses with our 2014 I-MAX students at our annual Rising Stars Awards dinner.
Gary Laben, CEO, KBM Group, (center, bottom row) poses with our 2014 I-MAX students.
I-MAX students pitch their infographic on how to get a faster time in the LOTOJA bike race to the group during Chuck Sharp’s, CEO, Right Intel, data visualization presentation.
I-MAX students pitch their  LOTOJA bike race project during Chuck Sharp’s (CEO, Right Intel) data visualization presentation.
Corporate Leadership Award Michael Someone, Kathryn Carlisle, Erika Tang, and Chris Paradysz from from Paradysz & PMS Digital
Corporate Leadership Award: Mike Cousineau, and Chris Paradysz, Paradysz & PM Digital flank their NextGen Associates.
Audience sharing photos of the festivities onstage.
Audience shares photos of the festivities onstage.
I-MAX Students networking with industry executive Richard Rosen
I-MAX Students network with industry executive Richard Rosen during cocktail reception.
Marketing EDGE Intern at Brierley & Partners helping the Marketing team organize and box food donations for Minnie's Food Pantry (an organization that helps feed underprivileged Dallas residents).
In Dallas, Marketing EDGE Intern at Brierley & Partners helps to box food donations for a local nonprofit that feeds the hungry.

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