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Happy Thanksgiving from BTS!

I can hardly believe that it's November, much less LATE NOVEMBER and one week from Thanksgiving, and then it's a rather quick slide into a gaggle of other holidays and before you've even cleaned out the leftover pumpkin pie from your refrigerator, it's January. I can't think about January yet.
So what can we do to make all of this season a little less chaotic?
If you are staying in town and hosting guests, consider using transit when you venture out. Kids especially love to ride buses and trains! And who wouldn't be impressed by the size of Metro's escalators?

Plan Early. Plan Often. Plan to Take Transit.

You can plan to leave your car in the driveway and plan your trip to and from all three major airports in the region using transit!
  • BWI: Just hop on the Metro's Green Line to Greenbelt, and take WMATA's dedicated BWI Express bus, the B30.
  • Dulles: Metro's Silver Line to Dulles makes it a super easy to give your car a break, and there's even a bus to take you from the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station to the terminal.
  • Reagan National: Reagan National Airport has its own Metro stop on the Blue and Yellow Lines, and you can walk into the terminal right after getting off the train.
While you are out walking, do not forget to "Be Safe and Be Seen" by wearing bright or reflective clothing or carry a flashing light with you so drivers can see you walking. Click here for more tips to keep you safe while walking.

Take a Walk. Or Five.

Each year after Thanksgiving lunch (that's right, as it should be: lunch), my two Great Aunts Nellie and Fern would yell at all the kids to stop loafing around the house and go for a walk. We got tired of listening to them yell, so we eventually complied and took a walk.
It's only now as an adult do I realize how right they were! Going for a walk can help your body manage stress, improve your mood, and strengthen your immune system. If you need proof, my Aunt Nellie lived to be 92 and Aunt Fern was nearly 80! They didn't get that way by loafing around after lunch, you know.
So if you're at work and have an errand, don't fire up your car - walk instead! You can always use a break to stretch your legs. Likewise, if you find that there's a little too much "family togetherness" during the holidays, go for a quick walk! 
The weird little weeks during which holidays fall are perfect for trying out telework! And eliminating your commute is one sure-fire way to mitigate stress this holiday season.

Try Telework!

If you anticipate that your workload will be less next week, ask about or consider teleworking!
Offices who allow their employees to telework see many proven benefits: 
  • Increased productivity
  • More uninterrupted work time for the employee
  • Less turnover
  • Decreases in employee absenteeism
In addition, telework is key to business continuity. If employees have the ability to work from home, events such as snow days and major traffic issues will not impact the business's ability to be there for clients and customers.

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