Prep for Summer With New Recipes, Entertaining Ideas, DIY Projects, and Mor
Prep for Summer With New Recipes, Entertaining Ideas, DIY Projects, and Mor
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  May 2024  
Memorial Day - Download Images to View Memorial Day is
Monday, May 27th

Memorial Day reminds us to stop and honor loved ones we have lost, especially those who died while defending our nation. This day and every day, we are thankful for their profound contributions to our nation. In observance of Memorial Day, our offices will be closed on Monday, May 27th. Follow our Facebook page for other office closure dates in the future.
Cool Video 1 - Download Graphics to View  
Penguins Jump at the Chance
You'll be amazed by this National Geographic footage of Emperor penguin chicks leaping 50 feet off an Antarctic cliff.
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These Creations Take the Cake
Watch talented cake artists create edible art — a giant cupcake, skiers on a mountain, a fairy garden, and much more.
Summer Fun for Parents & Kids

Get Managed Wi-Fi - Download Images to View

As the school year comes to a close, children will be home looking for entertainment. Most kids use phones and tablets to stay connected to their friends and play online games during summer months. Hamilton Managed Wi-Fi can help monitor and limit usage via the Plume HomePass® app. Parental control tools help set healthy boundaries for access and usage. You can even block and unblock specific devices from accessing the internet providing some peace of mind for parents.

For all your internet needs, we have you covered. Our Managed Wi-Fi network priority feature will let you rank all the devices on your network, ensuring you get the bandwidth you need for each device.

To sign up for Managed Wi-Fi, or for more information, contact us at 402.694.5101 before the final school bell rings.
May is Pet Month and a great time to check out this educational site filled with health tips for your furry friends.
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Food Network  
Food Network
Get ready for summer entertaining with no-fuss food and beverage recipes, grilling advice, and other ideas.
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This Old House  
This Old House
It's the next best thing to having a friendly neighbor who's a home improvement expert always willing to help.
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3 Favorite Homemade Salsas
These recipes will spice up snacks and entrees during May, which is Salsa Month. You may never buy jarred salsa again!
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Summer Cookout Side Dishes
Serve guests delicious Honey Lime Fruit Salad, Grandma's Ambrosia Salad, Blackberry Chicken Salad, or Broccoli Salad.
Total Solar Eclipse Highlights Total Solar Eclipse Highlights Total Solar Eclipse Highlights  
Total Solar Eclipse Highlights
If you weren't able to get a good look at the April 8th total solar eclipse, here's your chance to see spectacular images.
Lizard on the Loose Lizard on the Loose Lizard on the Loose  
Lizard on the Loose
This captive-bred Asian water monitor lizard, wearing nearly 10 pounds, is a creative climber when it comes to curtains.
Do-It-Yourself Demo 1 - Download Graphics to View  
Make DIY String-Light Planters
This simple project allows you to add an inviting glow to a firepit area or patio without digging holes in your yard.
Do-It-Yourself - Download Graphics to View  
Closet Becomes Office Nook
Transform an underused closet into a cozy office space by using paint, lighting, and a floating desk and shelves.
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