Don't let April showers dampen your spring. Read on to protect your home.
Don't let April showers dampen your spring.  Read on to protect your home.

5 Plumbing Tips for Smart Homeowners

Being a proactive homeowner makes sense and saves you money and time in the long run.  This helpful infographic provides no-nonsense strategies to keep repairs and maintenance to a minimum.
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Don't let April showers damper your spring 

This month's blog post offers tips to get your house in ship-shape for rainy, wet weather.  From quick DIY tasks to maintenance better left to a professional, these ideas will keep you dry and safe when it's yucky outside.

Read on to learn how to properly prepare, detect and execute before trouble starts.

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Is tankless water heater flushing necessary? 

  • Keeps flow regulators clean
  • Prevents calcium build-up
  • May identify problems early
Our service includes a visual inspection and removal of dirt, dust, debris to make sure everything's working properly.
GREAT SAVINGS! 200+tax for the first unit and $125+tax for each additional unit.
Are you an Annual Service Agreement Member? Schedule your flush today and receive 10% off! 
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Water Hose Warning

A garden hose with aluminum end fittings should routinely removed from attachments & faucets, or risk the two fusing together due to galvanic corrosion.
Galvanic Corrosion happens when opposing metals (i.e., aluminum and brass) come together.  Eventually it may be impossible to disconnect the hose, resulting in replacement of your spigot. 
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