January 16, 2018
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  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. Call for Nominations
  3. Congratulations Dan McDonald
  4. Welcome Russell Engel
  5. Welcome Patrick Rappold
  6. Congratulations!
  7. Science Friday with Karletta Chief
  8. Door Decorating Winners
  9. 2018 ANAS Annual Meeting
  10. CALS Speaker Series
  11. New Extension Publication
  12. NIH Grant Proposal Workshop
  13. IPM January Newsletter
  14. Horticulture Agent Opening
Photo of Dr. Silvertooth

Message from the Associate Dean

On Thursday, 11 January 2018 Dr. Dan McDonald was appropriately recognized for his outstanding achievements in Extension education with the University Distinguished Outreach Faculty Award.  Over the past few decades, several other very deserving faculty from the Cooperative Extension System (CES) have received this award.  It is great to see someone like Dan receiving recognition for his professionalism, commitment, and good work.
In all honesty, we have many of our CES professionals who are richly deserving of recognition for their excellent contributions and good work.  There are a few awards available every year to help acknowledge the top performers.  Usually it is not the limited number of awards or opportunities that keeps them from being recognized, but the limiting factor is often the submission of a nomination package.
Therefore, I encourage everyone in the CES to look around and consider the many fine colleagues and professionals we have in our organization.  Please take the time to help initiate and develop the nominations for our faculty, staff, volunteers, and community members for the awards and recognitions that are open.  See the announcement below for the awards and nomination due dates.

2018 Extension Conference

The 2018 Extension Conference will be August 7-8, 2018 in Tucson, Arizona. Mark your calendars!

Call for Nominations

Each year we recognize our faculty, staff and strong contributors to CALS Extension with the Extension Faculty of the Year Award, the Outstanding Staff in Cooperative Extension Award, and the Extensionist of the Year Award.  Submit your recommendations:   
  • The Faculty of the Year award recipient will receive $1,000 and an award.  Click here for Extension Faculty of the Year Award criteria and nomination form.   – Submission deadline – February 1
  • The Outstanding Staff in Cooperative Extension award recipient will receive $500 and an award.  Click here for award nomination criteria.  – Submission deadline – February 1
  • The Extensionist of the Year award recognizes and honors a resident of the State of Arizona who has demonstrated extraordinary contributions, through UACE, to improving the lives of people in their community and state.  The award will be presented at an appropriate college-wide event.  Letters of nomination from UACE or non-UACE faculty and staff and/or peers should focus on the following criteria:  1) the nature and extent of the contribution provided by the individual (35%), 2) how this contribution has benefitted people in the community (15%) and the state (15%), 3) leadership qualities (25%), and 4) support for UACE (10%).  – Submission deadline – February 1
All awards will be presented at an appropriate Extension or CALS event.  Please read the criteria carefully, submitting only the materials noted.  Submit your nominations and support letters c/o Kristie Gallardo, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, PO Box 210036, Tucson, AZ, 85721. If you have any questions, contact Kristie (520.621.7145).

Congratulations Dan

Congratulations to Cooperative Extension's own Dan McDonald, who received the UA's University Distinguished outreach Faculty award! Read more about Dr. McDonald's award.

Welcome Russ Engel

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Russell Engel has accepted the Director position for Yuma County Cooperative Extension.  He will begin his duties February 12.  

We look forward to Russ joining Arizona Cooperative Extension!

Welcome Patrick

Patrick Rappold joined the Gila County Cooperative Extension office on December 4, 2017 as an Area Assistant Agent. In this position, Patrick will administer programs to support the long term sustainability of Arizona’s forests and assist the development of forest based enterprises in rural forested communities. Specific program focus areas are (1) Management of forest and woodlands, (2) Economic development of rural communities through utilization of the by-products of forest and grassland restoration projects, and (3) Connecting the public to the forest resources and the forest products community. Geographic program areas are Gila, Navajo, and Yavapai Counties. For the last seven years Patrick was employed as a Wood Utilization & Marketing Specialist with the Arizona Department of Forestry & Fire Management. Previously Patrick was employed with Georgia-Pacific as a Quality Control Technician and later as a Dry Kiln Technician for a large-volume hardwood lumber concentration yard in southwest Pennsylvania. Patrick received his Ph.D. in Forest Products from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University in 2006 where he studied the application of industrial engineering principles to forest products manufacturing.


Coconino County and Arizona were well represented at the Western National Roundup this past weekend. Nationally ranked! National Champion!! Congratulations to both Meagan Rockow and Paige Sutherland. Paige is the National 4-H Champion in Horse Speech and Meagan placed 3rd in the nation in Horse Demonstration.

Both are members of the High Attitude Equestrians 4-H club and were coached by leader Esther Sutherland.

Science Friday

Dr. Karletta Chief, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, was featured on Science Friday, January 12th.

Listen to Karletta, a member of the Navajo Bitter Water Clan, discusses her work monitoring the Gold King Mine spill and how her personal relationship with those waterways influenced her pursuit of science. 

Watch Karletta's video in the "Breakthrough: Portraits Of Women In Science" film anthology.

Door Decorating Contest Winners

CALS Appointed Professionals Council (APC) hosted a Door Decorating Contest in December 2017.  We had wonderful participation, both in how many decorated doors and how many voted after the break! 

The winner of this year’s contest was: CALS Cooperative Extension Administration. Kristie Gallardo, Sandra Saad, Sacha Cueto, and Malisa Grantham created a tree on a door in their main area with ornaments around it and presents beneath it, complete with a lighting setup that impressed many! 

Second and third place went to Maricopa County Cooperative Extension (MCCE) with doors decorated by Barbara Ashford and Niki Key.  Barbara's was a holiday cactus setup with a hat, ornaments, and lighting.  Niki created a comical display of Santa going head-down into a chimney!  MCCE decorated so many doors!  Thank you, MCCE!  Everyone seemed to really have fun and got creative with their decorations.  An example that made us laugh at pushing the boundaries was Sylvia and Gloria in the Dean's Office decorating a door as a snow person, the fridge door that is!

Check out all the doors, including the winning ones, at the CALS Door Decorating Contest webpage.

2018 ANAS Annual meeting

For more information: http://aznvas.org/meeting/

Promoting STEM throughout Arizona and Nevada
Call for Paper and Posters
The Arizona / Southern Nevada Branch of the American Society for Microbiology and the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science are holding a joint meeting on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, resource agency personnel, and others are invited to present their research in microbiology, all other areas of sciences and mathematics during oral paper sessions or a combined poster session. This is a VERY student-friendly meeting, and a great place for first time presenters! Paula Rivadeneira, UA Asst Professor and Extension Specialist and President Elect of the AZ NV Academy of Science, will coordinate participants from southern AZ so contact her at pkrivadeneira@email.arizona.edu if you have questions or to let her know that you registered!

CALS Perspectives on Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Series

The Spring semester is upon us, and with it brings the return of the CALS Perspectives on Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Series! Join us TOMORROW for lunch (we'll provide the food) and our first excellent speaker for the semester:
1/17 - Behind the Masc.: Challenging notions of toxic masculinity – Bryant Valencia
This session will provide participants with an introduction to male socialization and masculinity. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and reflect on how their agency is vital in addressing toxic masculinity in their communities.
Date & Time: Wednesday 1/17/18, 12pm-1pm
Location:         Forbes Building, Room 124A (basement)
Notes:              Lunch provided – first come, first served!

New Extension Publication

Paula Rivadeneira, Channah Rock

Food safety is a high priority for fresh produce growers, not only because of new regulations related to the Food Safety Modernization Act, but because they care about the health and safety of their customers. Most fresh produce, like lettuce and other leafy greens, is eaten raw so growers have to be particularly diligent in following food safety protocols that will help to prevent foodborne pathogen contamination in their fields. Trained professionals conduct assessments of agricultural fields throughout the growing season to ensure that pathogens like Salmonella and E. coli do not contaminate the food we are going to eat. Salmonella and E. coli cause gastrointestinal distress, and in some cases, may even lead to kidney failure and death. If you find yourself near a fresh produce field during the growing season, whether you are working in the field or just visiting the area, adhering to the following guidelines will help prevent the introduction of pathogens into fresh produce fields.  Publication Number: AZ1753-2017

NIH Grant Proposal Workshop 

Save the date for FMI’s upcoming grant workshop What It Takes To Write A Successful NIH Grant Proposal with Dr. David Marrero from the University of Arizona Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health.

January 19, 2018  - 1:00pm, ENR2, S107
To register for this workshop please click here: https://mcclellandinstitute.arizona.edu/nih-grant-workshop

Integrated Pest Management Newsletter

Horticulture Agent Opening

Pima County Cooperative Extension is seeking an assistant/associate horticulture agent. If you know of any qualified candidates, please encourage them to view the job positing at the following link: https://uacareers.com/postings/25854. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Dan McDonald, CED, or Ursula Schuch, chair of the search and screen committee.

Also be sure to check out other available positions within Cooperative Extension by visiting https://extension.arizona.edu/arizona-cooperative-extension-employment-opportunities
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