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Stanford Food Institute Conference

The inaugural Stanford Food Institute Conference is a one-day immersion into the latest discoveries and innovations for improving what people eat, how they access food, and the role that food plays in our lives. It is an opportunity to engage directly with leaders across the food system who are shaping a better food future.

Through workshops, panel discussions and presentations, attendees will learn about compelling opportunities and solutions facing our food system at the convergence of health, sustainability, community, taste and innovation.  Read more.
Monday, November 4, 2019 | 7:00AM-6:00PM | Paul Brest Hall
Understanding the “power” of end-users
Utility end-users often run the last mile of energy solutions. The actual impact of an energy solution directly links to the customers’ choices of end-use technologies and their energy use behaviors in daily life. As a current trend, utility providers offer services and programs that engage customers to play a part in improving the grid capability and reliability in supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency. For example, the pricing structure of an electricity service plan may incentive the shift of energy use from peak hours to the hours when renewable energy resources kick in; technology-specific programs may encourage the adoption of energy efficient equipment and/or the maximization of the distributed energy resources value. This presentation will share a few snapshots of utility customer insights in recent quantitative or qualitative research.  Read more.
   Monday, November 4, 2019 | 12:30PM-1:20PM | Room 104, Green Earth Sciences 
The Internet of Things (IoT) And 5G Network - Opportunities and Issues

Remember when the car simply moved us from one point to another? Your current smart car now knows more about your emotional state than your family or doctor, teacher, (… name it ) due to the embedded sensors. Also, 5G promises to deliver extremely low latency transfer of massive volumes of data, enabling unlimited interconnection of devices (IoT) as well as facilitating the operation of data-hungry machines (like autonomous cars/robots) using information from IoT and connected sensors. This phenomenon presents a new paradigm where most sensing (data collection), intermediate operations, and decision making will be performed by machines controlling other machines on our behalf, supposedly for our benefit. Join us in learning about IoT and 5G; as well as in exploring the implications on data management, logistics, security and opportunities for innovation in services within academic environments like Stanford. Bring your curiosity and/or come add your voice to the conversation. Read more.
                    Tuesday, November 5, 2019 | 1:00PM– 2:15PM | Lathrop 224 
Wearable Sensors, human behaviors, and statistical learning
Dr. Winfree’s research focuses on development of the hardware and software systems to enable high quality community based assessments of human gait, physical activity, and behaviors.  He has developed a research track on design and use of wearable devices to improve human health.  This is supported through use of a combination of both the standard, well-tested numerical analysis methods, and novel methods developed within his research lab.  In previous research, he developed taxonomies for classification of such human behaviors as freezing of gait (PD), walking, and eating.  Using these developed taxonomies, his team has developed statistical learning classifiers, largely dependent on appropriate preprocessing of the data, to identify such behaviors from a multitude of different sensor source types.  These statistical classifiers have all been trained using human observation as a gold standard.  While his core interests relate to human health, recently his team has begun to apply many of these methods to non-human mammals such as cattle.  With formal training in Physics, Robotics, Biomechanics and Movement Science, and Nursing, he now teaches in Informatics and Electrical Engineering, and is the Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems at Northern Arizona University.  Read more.
    Tuesday, November 5, 2019 | 2:00PM-3:00PM | Spilker Building, Room 232 
Emerging Technology and Nuclear Non-Proliferation

The existential threat posed by nuclear weapons is unique, and states have continuously managed that risk across decades of profound global change. How might changing global demographics, decarbonization, and emerging 21st-century technologies redefine the nature of nuclear materials and weapons proliferation and their use? Leaders from the Nuclear Threat Initiative will explore potential impacts on nuclear proliferation challenges and on counter-proliferation strategies, and panelists will consider the particular risks in the India-Pakistan nuclear standoff. Read more.
Tuesday, November 5, 2019 | 4:00PM-5:15PM | Hauck Auditorium
Cardinal Quarter Opportunities Fair
Explore 500+ opportunities to pursue a full-time summer or quarter-long public service experience with Stanford support. 

Through Cardinal Quarter fellowships and internships, you can build knowledge, skills, and networks while making meaningful contributions to communities locally, nationally, and across the globe. 

Cardinal Quarter programs are offered through 30+ campus partners at Stanford, offering a wide range of service experiences. Fellowship stipends are provided to cover living and transportation expenses, and are intended to ensure accessibility for all undergraduate students. Read more.

 Tuesday, November 5, 2019 | 6;30PM-8:00 PM | Tresidder Oak Room 
Digital Photography II presents Gazes

Bringing together a group of nine photographers, this exhibition considers the potential for photographs to convey social change and cultural transformation. By focusing attention to a broad range of social issues and diverse communities, these photographers use their cameras to highlight circumstances and conditions they believe need attention in the midst of our current political climate. 
The Department of Art & Art History's Digital Photography II course presents Gazes, on view November 6–13, 2019, in the Mohr Gallery of the McMurtry Building. Join us for the opening reception on Wednesday, Nov. 6, 6–7 pm.  Read more.
 November 6-13, 2019 | All day | Mohr Gallery, McMurtry Building 
Epizoötic Challenges to Pastoral Expansion in Africa: Minding the “Bovine Gap”

In two spatiotemporally separate archaeological cases in sub-Saharan Africa, small domestic livestock appear up to 1000 years before cattle. South of Lake Turkana in eastern Africa, sparse domestic caprines and ceramics of the Nderit tradition typical of Lake Turkana appear c. 4000 BP, nearly 1000 years before the first evidence for cattle. In southern Africa, sheep date to nearly 2200 BP, centuries before clear evidence for cattle.

In 2000, I proposed that African savannas presented novel disease challenges to cattle pastoralism. Sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis) is a continental-scale risk in brushy areas, but wildebeest-borne malignant catarrhal fever (WD-MCF) and East Coast Fever (ECF) attack cattle in the grasslands that they favor. WD-MCF has a nearly 100% death rate in exposed cattle, and ECF, probably originating with an earlier transmission of Theileria parva from African buffalo to cattle, kills 20% of each cattle cohort. Infection risk is heightened by the three species’ overlapping forage and water requirements. This hypothesis could be falsified by finds of cattle dating to the “Bovine Gap” timespans in either region.

As a test, I reviewed 2000-2017 East African archaeofaunal evidence, plus fauna from a stratified site south of Nairobi, GvJm44, yielding Nderit pottery in its lower level. I discuss results and how infectious disease genomics might offer finer resolution of routes and times of initial transmission of several sub-Saharan ungulate diseases to livestock. Read more.

          Wednesday, November 6, 2019 | 12:00PM-1:00PM | Archaeology Center

Public Policy MA, MPP and Graduate Certificate Info Session

Come to an information session to learn about the Stanford Public Policy Program, which is accepting applications from current Stanford graduate students for the Master of Public Policy degree program. The two-year MPP and one-year MA provide students with the conceptual framework and practical skills necessary to distinguish and design innovative and effective forms of governance and policy. Current graduate students and recent alumni from all Stanford programs and departments are welcome to apply. The certificate in Policy Analysis is for students who may not be able to do a full one-year degree program but are interested in policy coursework.  Read more.
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 | 3:30PM-4:30PM | Encina Hall West Room 106
The Future of Disease Detection and Prevention

Andy Conrad, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Verily Life Sciences
, will discuss the future of diagnostics/predictives with Russ Altman, MD, PhD, professor of bioengineering, medicine genetics, biomedical data science and (by courtesy) computer science.

Formerly the chief scientific officer of LabCorp, Conrad is a cell biologist with a doctorate from UCLA. He has always been passionate about early detection and prevention of disease. Andy co-founded the National Genetics Institute, which developed the first cost-effective test to screen for HIV in the blood supply.  Read more.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 | 8:00PM-5:00PM | Li Ka Shing Center, LK130 
Art Meets Science at SLAC Lecture Series | A Different Physics: The Poetics of Discovery

How do poetic and scientific exploration create access and insight between domains? Can art created within the worlds of science and technology broaden expectations and possibilities for engagement? Formally trained in physics and poetry, Lisa Rosenberg looks at processes of inquiry and making, with a lens of commonality and shared territory in sciences and arts. Steeped in both domains since childhood, she will discuss how dual immersion fuels her work, through tools, materials, methodologies and ways of seeing. Lisa's talk will look at questions in areas such as systems, creative pathways, symbolic language, and social discourse. She'll read selections from her recent title, A Different Physics, and offer reflections on gifts and pitfalls of working in fields often perceived as disparate or divided. Lisa will be in conversation with Roger Blandford of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology. 
Read more.
Thursday, November 7, 2019 | 3:30PM-5:00PM | Kavli Auditorium
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The Hope, The Hype, The Promise, The Peril

This conference is anchored and building on the release of the Special National Academy of Medicine (NAM) publication titled: “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The Hope, The Hype, The Promise, The Peril.” Co-led by Michael Matheny and Sonoo Thadaney Israni. Read more.
At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

- Evaluate AI in the healthcare landscape

- Critically assess the opportunities for AI in healthcare

- Develop appropriate criteria for evaluating/deploying AI solutions

- Build frameworks for creating and testing AI healthcare solutions
Friday, November 8, 2019 | 8:00AM – 5:00PM | Hauck Auditorium


Climate Change Communication Intern

The 10-week internships are open to graduate students, exceptional rising junior and senior undergraduate students, or recent graduates. Ideal applicants will have a strong interest in National Parks and a positive attitude and interest in learning, thinking creatively, and working as a member of an interdisciplinary communication team. Previous interns have come from degrees in Biology, Climate Science, Communications, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Natural Resource Management, Psychology, Public Health, Sustainability, and Zoology. Applicants must be attending (or have just graduated from) a U.S. accredited college or university and must be legally allowed to work in the U.S. Interns may be required to pass a Federal government background check.  

This internship is a partnership between the National Park Service and George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication. The National Park Service (NPS) works to protect and preserve America's cultural and natural resources, presenting the opportunity to observe changes caused by global warming. The National Capital Region (NCR) of the NPS spans across areas of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. and is home to national monuments, battlefields, and diverse natural landscapes. George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication (4C) researches climate change public engagement strategies. The partnership between NPS and 4C creates a unique platform to educate and engage park visitors with climate change impacts and solutions. Read more.
Health Care Policy Intern

The Children’s Defense Fund Leave No Child Behind® mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities. CDF provides a strong, effective and independent voice for all the children of America who cannot vote, lobby or speak for themselves. We pay particular attention to the needs of poor children, children of color and those with disabilities. CDF educates the nation about the needs of children and encourages preventive investments before they get sick, drop out of school, get into trouble or suffer family breakdown.

The internship is based in Austin and provides general support for the CDF-TX Policy Department. The intern works 20 hours/week, and provides substantive research, compiles reports, monitors interim legislative committees and helps with the execution of advocacy-related activities, including story collection, public education, legislator visits, legislative briefings, special event planning, and social media work.  Read more.

AWS Sales Intern

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 165 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs. Americas Sales organization is a diverse team that focuses on driving greater AWS adoption and customer value.
We are hiring Sales Interns to help us increase customer adoption of the AWS cloud platform. As a sales intern, you will collaborate with sales teams to help build new business client leads, enter new client data, and assist with opportunity execution and follow up. As part of your internship, you will attend the AWS Sales Internship Bootcamp and immerse yourself in cloud computing, develop business and sales acumen, and learn more about Amazon culture. Post Bootcamp, you will work on your projects, complete the Cloud Practitioner examination, and attend professional development events. Upon completion of the internship program, selected interns will receive a full-time offer to join the AWS Sales Rotational Program starting in 2021. 
  Read more. 
Policy Analyst Center For Consumer Engagement In Health Innovation

The Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation (the “Center”) is seeking a policy analyst to join its team working to ensure that public programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, better address the needs of consumers, particularly those with the most complex needs. The Center’s policy priorities include a strong focus on opportunities to address social determinants of health and advance consumer and community engagement in health care policies and programs.
We are seeking a policy analyst who is interested in opportunities to ensure that there is a strong consumer and community voice in health care programs, and who is able to work on a range of issues. We anticipate that initial projects will focus on (1) understanding and influencing how managed care affects consumers with complex health and social needs, including issues such as enrollment, eligibility, consumer protections and care innovation; and (2) advancing opportunities to address social determinants of health and promote health equity, including through community benefit programs, Medicaid and Medicare. The policy analyst will provide leadership, strategic advice, policy analysis, and accessible written materials to consumer advocates, providers and policymakers.  Read more.

B Floral is looking for a DESIGN INTERN to join our team this fall. B Floral produces dramatic, brand- driven floral and event design in New York City and across the country. Our unmatched dedication to customer experience has created hundreds of memorable moments through brand activations, customized installations and experiential events. This internship is a great opportunity for anyone who looking to enter the exciting world of event design and experiential marketing.
There will be ample opportunity to work closely with and learn from our team of talented designers. We are a growing company and this internship will offer a unique, hands-on work experience. Potential for advancement to full time employment will depend on performance and on the company’s staffing needs. 
Read more.
Research Associate

dQ&A is a research company and social enterprise committed to making life better for people with diabetes. Our work focuses on understanding the diabetes patient experience. Our clients are diverse: medical technology and pharmaceutical companies striving to become more agile and responsive; patient, provider, and advocacy organizations; fast-moving businesses bringing new ideas to the field; and healthcare start-ups. By surveying and interviewing people with diabetes, we help clients design and develop new products and services and assist in tracking their performance. We promote clients’ understanding of the diabetes community itself and help them make patient-driven business decisions. Our work also helps clients raise funding, measure psychosocial outcomes, and build patient-informed regulatory submissions. Regular and robust patient feedback is a key part of our offering.  Read more.
Additional job and internship postings can be found at Handshake.
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