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Franklin County Humane Society
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The Humane Society will be in attendance on Saturday May 17th to participate in this world record attempt.  We will be present with world class puppies and kittens available for adoption.
Be sure to come out for what should be a fantastic day of record making fun.  This is your chance to not only witness a world record attempt but to adopt a pet that needs a home.  Should make for a memorable day!
* * * * *

This is the time of year every year when shelters all across the United States fill up with litters and litters of kittens.  These babies come in alone, with litter mates, with mamas and without their moms.  Some need to be bottle fed and some need to be introduced to solid food for the first time.  The thing they all need.....a home.
We have dozens of kittens right now.  Most of them are between 3-5 weeks so they need a lot of care.  We have several litters in foster care and welcome volunteers who would like to come in during the day to help feed and socialize these babies.
Many will be ready for their forever home in about a month but in the meantime, come to the shelter, choose a kitten to adopt and spend time interacting and carring for it until you can take it home.

* * * * *

Along with many kittens, we have many hound dogs.  Most of them found themselves abandoned in the forest by hunters and left to fend for themselves.  The lucky ones find their way to a road where they are picked up by some good Samaritan and brought to us.
Why these beautiful hounds aren't easily adopted alludes us.  Many people are under the misguided opinion that hounds aren't social dogs and don't make good pets.  They couldn't be more wrong.
The hounds that we are housing are social, playful and smart.  They love to interact with people and will be gentle, trustworthy pets.
If you have been considering adopting and want to make an impact on a group of dogs that are overlooked the most, please adopt a hound.
They deserve the same second chance as every other dog here at the Adoption Center.
* * * * *  

Annie was left in our drop pen last summer and we have rarely seen as frightened a dog.  She cowered in the corner and defecated when we would approach.  She showed no aggression but refused to walk on a leash and had to be carried to her kennel.
When a dog like this ends up with us we can't help but wonder what has happened to it to cause such distrust and fear of humans.  We also wonder how in the world we are going to find someone willing to take on a special needs dog with so many issues.
Foster care was the only hope for Annie.  She would deteriorate quickly in a shelter environment.  She was scared of sounds and strangers and those are two things she can't hide from in the kennel.
One of our volunteers had decided she wanted to start fostering for us and she began with Annie.  Scared, unsocial Annie.  Thank the stars above for fosters!
She took Annie home with her and introduced her to her home and to her very happy, outgoing dog.  Annie hid immediatly either behind furniture when she was inside or under the house if she were outside.  It took a tremendous amount of patience but Annie's foster mom was eventually able to lure her out, onto a leash and down to the beach.  Once on the beach and in the water, low and behold, an all together different dog emerged. 
It has been 9 months now and during that time there were two people who showed interest in adopting her but the adoption fell through both times.  Foster mom knew that bringing her back to the shelter would cause Annie to slip back into old behaviors and she was too attached to Annie to watch her go through that kind of trauma.
Last month our huge hearted foster mom realized she had to adopt Annie.  Annie may not have been the dog she would have chosen for herself but she is the person Annie had chosen for herself. 
Love comes in all shapes, sizes and temperaments and for this lucky dog, love came in the shape of a kind hearted, patient angel.


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