Plus, Alumnus Snaps the Stars, Student Aid Puerto Rico and More
Plus, Alumnus Snaps the Stars, Student Aid Puerto Rico and More
Columbian College

October 2020

John Loeb
A transformational $12.5 million gift from Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr. will enable the Loeb Institute for Religious Freedom at GW to build on its existing work as an interdisciplinary hub for the study and advancement of religious freedom.
Firooz Zahedi at a photoshoot with Jennifer Lopez
Photographer Firooz Zahedi, BFA ’76, (left, photographing Jennifer Lopez) is renowned for his portraits of the world’s most glamorous celebrities from Streep to Streisand. In a new book, he reflects on making Hollywood’s brightest lights shine.
Canaanite palace archaeology site
A team of Israeli and American researchers—including GW's Eric Cline—uncovered evidence that an earthquake may have destroyed a Canaanite palace at Tel Kabri 3,700 years ago.
Steven Roberts Headshot
In honor of his late wife, SMPA’s Steven Roberts established the Cokie Roberts Tuition Relief Fund to help SMPA students experiencing financial hardship continue their education. The $100,000 fund will be awarded to students in grants of $5,000. 
Omar Negron-Ocasio (right) showing water sample to colleague
From Hurricane Maria to the COVID crisis, Puerto Rico’s tragedies have been compounded by widespread lack of access to clean water. TSPPPA student Omar Negron-Ocasio (right) has a business plan to change that.
Jesse J. Holland headshot
SMPA's Jesse J. Holland penned Marvel’s first novel starring the king of Wakanda. Following the death of Chadwick Boseman, who portrayed Black Panther on film, Holland reflected on the enduring impact of the man and the hero.
hands on a laptop
Physics’ Neil Johnson and political science’s Yonatan Lupu are collaborating on a $1.86 million Department of Defense research study to trace how misinformation spreads on social media platforms.
Paul Rucker headshot
Visual artist, composer and musician Paul Rucker—Corcoran’s new visiting professor of community engagement—will explore with students the destruction of Black Wall Street communities in Richmond, Durham and Tulsa.


We mourn the passing of Akbar Montaser (Chemistry), a prolific researcher and innovator in analytical chemistry and beloved teacher and mentor at GW for more than 30 years.
The CCAS Physics Department was chosen by the American Physical Society's Committee on Education as a recipient of the 2021 Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education.
Dwight Jacob Kravitz (Psychological and Brain Sciences) was awarded a $723,275 grant from the National Science Foundation to study the neural dynamics of memory maintenance.

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