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Early learning news and updates

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May 2021 Newsletter
“Inclusion is not about where you place students,
it’s about how you
treat them.”
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Developmentally Inclusive Practices
Bringing DAP Training to Columbia Elementary

At Columbia Elementary, the Pre-K-3rd grade level teams agreed they all wanted to explore more about Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) for their students. As they began searching for professional development, they were unable to find exactly what they were looking for listed on the ESD website. They reached out to Jenny Kelly, P-3 and Migrant Academic Coordinator and Kelley Correio, Inclusionary Practices Coordinator at ESD123 for assistance in finding the right program.
Collaboratively, Columbia Elementary and the ESD Coordinators formed a PLC to focus on Developmentally Appropriate Practice for P-3 grade. The Columbia DAP Team met for an hour, two days a month and went over the various aspects of Developmentally Appropriate Practices, challenged their own thinking, and discussed changes they could make in their own classrooms. Migrant Services was also able to provide everyone on the team with a copy of Developmentally Appropriate Practices.

ECEAP preschool teachers were part of the team and say they are excited to take part in this dynamic conversation and partner with K-3 teachers. Planning a curriculum that supports the scaffolding skills learned in preschool enables students to take what they have learned and apply that knowledge with confidence and a secure sense of self in K-3 grades.
Kelley Corrieo

Meet the Coordinator

Meet Kelley Corrieo, Inclusionary Practices Coordinator for ESD123. Kelley spent her first six years in education in early childhood programs that she describes as having varying levels of success with inclusion. When she began teaching life skills at the middle school level in 1999, she had an opportunity to work in a school environment that was committed to having the students in life skills participate in elective classes and school events. Kelley brought this experience and school culture with her five years later when she moved to the high school level. Students there were also included in a wide variety of elective and enrichment courses, and Kelley says she and her fellow teachers were able to get creative with student participation and engagement.
After 13 years at the high school level helping students and families transition from “school to life,” Kelley’s expertise in this critical transition landed her the job ESD 123 that led her becoming the Inclusionary Practices Coordinator for Preschool. Eventually the scope of her role was expanded to include supporting inclusion throughout ESD123's region in grades K-12.
“Inclusion is not about where you place students, it’s about how you treat them.”

Explains Kelley, "You can put a group of students with IEPs in a general education classroom, but if they are off to the side with their own grown-up doing different work, that is still exclusion.  It’s just visible to the rest of the class.  Inclusionary Practices allow ALL students to interact and learn together.”

Of her role with ESD123, Kelley notes that teachers face a lot of challenges in their work. “While many of them understand the importance of inclusion is can be a challenge.  I like being a part of the solution and being a part of the process that makes the lives of teachers and students better.”

Contact the ESD 123 Early Childhood Team
Matt Bona
Executive Director of Early Learning

(509) 544-5753 | mbona@esd123.org

Kellie Musick
Director Early Intervention Special Services

(509) 544-5754 | khorn@esd123.org

Jennifer Kelly
P-3 and Migrant Academic Coordinator

(509) 544-5755 | jakelly@esd123.org

Kelley Correio
Inclusionary Practices Coordinator

(509) 531-2237 | kcorreio@esd123.org

Cindy Morris
Early Learning Coordinator (B-3 Quality Initiatives)

(509) 537-2105 | cmorris@esd123.org
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Washington State Invests in Early Learning / ECEAP

The 2021 Washington State Legislative session closed with good news for Early Childhood Education. A 10% increase in funding along with more “seats” for Early Childhood Education and Assistance Programs (ECEAP) allows for a greater number of students across Washington State to benefit from the popular preschool program.
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ESD123 plans to focus on staffing with the increased funding in 2021. Explains ESD123’s Executive Director of Early Learning, Matt Bona, “The whole program benefits when it is staffed correctly, so hiring teachers and staff is a priority.” This includes hiring full time substitute teachers. ECEAP classrooms run on a one teacher to ten students ratio with no more than 20 students. If one teacher is unavailable, school must be cancelled, so having substitute teachers available is vital. Support personnel to run the program at each site is also important, especially in a geographically large ESD that encompasses seven counties. The new funding will also be used for technology, translation services, and administrative needs throughout the ESD.

School and educational service districts like ESD123 will also be able to apply for funding to offer more ECEAP classes to more students, expand services for infants and toddlers, and for preschool students with complex needs. ESD123 will evaluate its needs in 2021 and consider applying for state money in 2022 to, for example, hire staff specializing in supporting teachers working with students with complex needs. This includes staff who specialize in areas such as mental and behavioral health. ESD123 is also looking into applying for funds to offer ECEAP for infants and toddlers in 2022.

The legislature also took a step in the right direction by offering funding for summer ECEAP classrooms. While only available to 400 students across the state, this is the first time the program has been available in the summer. ESD123 will run one ECEAP site in Pasco and hopes the state will see the value in the continuity of summer ECEAP and continue to support it.

Clearly, our state sees the value in early childhood education! 
ESD123 appreciates the dedication of all of our legislators and sends its thanks to all who worked to pass this important legislation for our kids.
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