December 7, 2020

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Construction Month

Today marks the beginning of a virtual event hosted by Southeast Service Cooperative to promote and explore careers in construction: Construction Month! YOU ARE INVITED!
Construction Month is appropriate for students in middle and high school. The objective is to provide students with exploration of careers in construction. Companies and professionals from the 11 county-area are represented through more than 25 videos on FutureForward™. Highlighted careers include architectural design, engineering and trades.
Lesson materials and activities are designed with the virtual classroom in mind. How you specifically use them for your students is flexible. Use the lessons and activities each day, once a week, as a unit project, in groups, as a whole class or independently. You’ll find the lesson materials in the Construction Month “Toolkit” in FutureForward™. This Toolkit can also be emailed directly to participating teachers. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and for support.

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Certification Pathway

A big thank you to all schools and communities who have graciously provided feedback about the needs of communities and interests of students. We have applied for the Youth Skills Training Grant through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. If selected, we could receive up to $100,000 as seed money for a regional CNA certification pathway for qualifying students. Priority will be given to students with barriers such as living in a low-income household, having a documented disability, being an English learner, or meeting other criteria. One very neat aspect of this model for CNA certification is that students will stay local as much as possible, including curriculum and clinical training. If you would like to partner with us in any way, shape, or form in supporting a CNA pathway for high school students for your community, please contact us.

Building Up to Construction Month

In preparation for Construction Month on FutureForward(™), dozens of videos have been added highlighting careers in engineering, architecture, and construction. We went on-site with some carpenters, visited Minnesota State College Southeast’s Construction and Welding programs, and have several interviews available for students to get a better understanding of what different career paths may look like. More information on these videos can be found in the Construction Month Toolkit that will be disseminated to schools this week.


Get it While it's Hot

FutureForward(™) is the new hot thing in career exploration for Southeast Minnesota’s students. With nearly 50 schools, and thousands of students enrolled, creating a Professional and Company profile on FutureForward(™) is a must for any local business. Inspire the next generation of our workforce by sharing career advice, your experiences, how to be successful, and more - all while building your company’s workforce pipeline. For more information on FutureForward(™), check out this video and contact MaryAnne and Nick today.

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