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Welcome to the Fall 2021 edition of Engagement, featuring news from the University of Vermont's College of Education and Social Services community about our ongoing work to promote a more humane and just society, free from oppression, that maximizes human potential and the quality of life for all individuals, families, and communities.

Showcasing John Dewey's Thinking in Action

Presentations from Dewey scholars, a School & Society Forum with students and educators from the Burlington School District, and place-based experiential learning opportunities at Shelburne Farms and the John Dewey Kitchen Institute highlighted activities at the John Dewey Conference hosted by the University of Vermont.
“This work connects to the community and addresses real-world problems and problem-solving," said Associate Professor of Education Simon Jorgenson about the impact of community-university partnerships featured during conference.

Garvey Honored with Endowed Professorship

Dr. Jason Garvey is a justice-driven educator on a mission to create equitable education outcomes for queer and trans (QT) students, particularly those of color.
Garvey's work fills a void in national education research that largely excludes or misrepresents QT students.
In an investiture ceremony at The University of Vermont, Garvey was honored as the Inaugural Sanford Friedman-Jerome Hipps Green and Gold Professor of Education.

CESS Day in the Life: Fall 2021

“I am very thankful to be placed in a culturally diverse school where I have potential for growth," said Alden Ducharme ‘22 about his student teaching experience at Winooski Middle School this semester. "It is challenging work, but the education program here made me feel prepared going in, and they always fully support me throughout my student teaching placements."
Spend a few moments with some of our CESS students as they engage in meaningful field work, internships, research, cohort-optimized learning, campus life, and other high-impact experiences.

Universal Screening for Social, Emotional, Behavioral Health in Schools

Despite research indicating that emotions and behavior impact learning outcomes along with evidence that one in five children may need services, few schools in the United States engage in screening for social, emotional, or behavioral risk.
To address this topic, the UVM Graduate College is pleased to present Universal Screening for Social, Emotional, Behavioral Health in Schools: Students and Teachers At Risk, featuring University Scholar and Department of Education Chair Kimberly J. Vannest, Ph.D.

Honoring Diverse Voices in Science Education

Associate Professor of Education and Gund Institute Faculty Fellow Leon Walls' research explores the complexities of how identity and prior experiences impact outcomes in science education.
Wall says his research is designed to have practical applications for solving real problems in education. 

Shelton Recognized with President’s Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award

To honor his teaching, institutional guidance and leadership during a remarkable 50-year career, The University of Vermont named Associate Professor Emeritus Larry Shelton as the recipient of the President's Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award
"Just as he transforms our community and our institution, he helped to transform countless students who have taken his courses," said Center for Academic Success Director Dani Comey about Shelton's impact at UVM.

Diversifying the Behavioral Health Workforce

The University of Vermont recently launched the Vermont Trauma, Resiliency, and Equity Education (VT-TREE) Initiative to prepare students for trauma-informed practice with underserved communities and to support interprofessional collaboration as part of the behavioral health workforce in Vermont.
VT-TREE is a federal training grant funded by Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The grant provides a direct stipend of $10,000 to second year Master of Social Work (MSW) and Counseling (MS) students at UVM. Applications for program year 2022-2023 are due by December 27.

CESS Graduate Tuition Scholarship Opportunities

"I can impact the future of science education, but I feel that the most important role as a Noyce Scholar is to pass on my experience to better the teaching of those who follow me," said Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) graduate Amy Trivelpiece.
Learn about graduate tuition scholarships available for students in our Counseling (M.S.), and Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.), Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (M.Ed.), Higher Education and Student Affairs (M.Ed.), Interdisciplinary Studies (M.Ed.), Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Master of Social Work (MSW), and Special Education (M.Ed.) programs. Students applying for Certificates of Graduate Study or the Micro-Certificate of Graduate Study are also eligible.

Think College VT Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

“I now have the confidence to succeed in the outside world," said Think College VT graduate Nicole Villemaire. "At the beginning of the program, I didn’t know much about who I was or where I wanted to go — I just wanted to go to college. Now, I have a purpose; I know what I want to achieve in life.”
More than 150 University of Vermont students have engaged with the program as peer mentors. This fall, Think College VT celebrates its 10th anniversary as one of the nation’s leading supported academic programs for students with disabilities. 
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