Dedicating Joselyn's home | Hot water heater tune up | Rosen tree event
Dedicating Joselyn's home | Hot water heater tune up | Rosen tree event
 December 2023                                                                                              Donate now

Those who live to serve worry about where to live.

Meet Rhonza

Rhonza is a nurse and mother of four. Watching her then 9-year-old son go through cancer treatments encouraged her to pursue nursing.
“I love people. Being there to encourage someone at the worst moment of their life and making a difference is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in your life," she said.
Pursuing a new career meant she was working full time, going to school full time and trying to support her family on a single income. Some weeks, she said, there wouldn't be enough money in the budget for simple things like juice let alone saving for a home.
Through Face the Housing Crisis™, we seek not only to raise awareness about the housing crisis but also to mobilize resources, expertise, and public support to tackle this critical issue head-on. But we need your help.
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Looking for resources?

🏠 Homeownership Program applications are open for new construction homes in Holden Heights and Parramore. Learn more >
🌀 Habitat Inspects Program offers free wind mitigation inspections to reduce homeowners insurance premiums. Learn more >
🤝 HUD Housing Counseling offers free one-on-one counseling and First-time Homebuyer Workshops to those looking to buy a home or preserve their affordable home. Learn more >
🍎 Habitat U offers free classes on financial literacy, community engagement, estate planning, and more. Learn more >
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Home for the Holidays wraps up

Celebrating fourth Habitat home built by Williams Company for Joselyn and her family

Two weeks of tireless work by Williams Company staff and contractors culminated in a heartwarming Home Dedication on Dec. 8. Joselyn and her sons were able to tour the place they will soon call home for the first time.
Joselyn marveled over the kitchen where she'll one day prepare meals for the family, and her youngest son giggled wildly while running laps in his new backyard.
A huge thank you to Williams Company for their dedication to helping us provide safe, affordable housing in Central Florida. And thank you to Joselyn for partnering with us to make your goal of homeownership become a reality!
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Upcoming free classes

Habitat U classes and HUD First Time Homebuyer Workshops are free but space is limited, so please reserve your space today!

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Habitat Inspects helps homeowner save thousands on home insurance

Habitat Orlando & Osceola homeowner Melissa realized she was paying nearly $5,000 a year for her insurance premium, which was putting a huge strain on her, especially while she was living off her savings due to an injury. She quickly set up an appointment with Habitat Orlando & Osceola, where she was referred to the new Habitat Inspects program and signed up to receive a free wind mitigation inspection.
Once the wind mitigation inspection was completed, she worked with Habitat Orlando & Osceola staff to find a more affordable home insurance policy to fit her needs. She now pays about $1,700 a year — a $3,300 savings compared to what she was paying before. Keep reading >>
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Thank you, November Team Build volunteers!

Shoutout to Travelers, Traffic & Mobility Consultants, Clifton Larson Allen, and RCLCO! They not only volunteered their time on our build site but also donated to support our mission. Thank you for helping to Face The Housing Crisis™ with us.

Homeownership Tips

From the experts in our Program Services and Construction departments

Escrow and insurance review: What to expect in the new year

2024 is fast approaching! This is a wonderful time to review financial responsibilities, like escrow and insurance coverage. Understanding these topics can help homeowners and policyholders start the new year with financial security. 
According to NerdWallet, here are a few things you should expect when reviewing your escrow account for 2024 —

• Annual escrow analysis: Your lender will conduct an annual escrow analysis, based on their findings, the lender may adjust your monthly escrow payment. 

• Property tax changes: Property tax assessments may change year to year. In the new year, prepare for adjustments to your monthly mortgage payments based on updated property tax rates. 

• Insurance premium changes: Insurance premiums can also change due to increased coverage, claims history or policy adjustments. These changes can potentially have an impact on your escrow payments.

• Surplus and shortage: After your annual escrow analysis, there might be a surplus or shortage in your account. With surplus, you could receive a refund or apply it to your mortgage principal. In the case of a shortage, your lender will provide guidance on covering the deficit. 

We can help!

Habitat Orlando & Osceola knows that increases in mortgage payments can cause a financial strain on a family. We can equip you with the necessary resources to navigate shifts in your monthly payments. Our HUD Housing Counseling Program is dedicated to offering assistance in financial management and budget counseling to provide you with the support you need.

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Did you know your hot water heater needs maintenance too? Here's what to do

One of the most overlooked and often neglected appliances in your home is the hot water heater. Most of us forget it exists tucked away in a disused corner of our garage or utility room, that is until it fails. A failing hot water heater not only makes for a miserable time in the shower but can flood your home if the pressure valve fails or sediment build-up causes the tank to crack. There are some simple steps you can take to extend the life of your hot water heater.
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Closing corner

Congratulations to new homeowners Kenneth (You may recognize him as the teacher in our Face The Housing Crisis™ campaign) and Paulette! Closing on your energy-efficient Habitat homes marks the beginning of a transformative journey. Your stable, affordable home is the foundation for a brighter future. May your homes be filled with warmth, comfort, and lasting memories. Welcome home!

Interested in homeownership or know someone who is? 

We are now accepting applications for our homeownership program! Learn more and apply here.

Preparing for homeownership

Future Habitat homeowners get crash course in home maintenance

Purchasing a home comes with many new responsibilities, from big things like paying the mortgage to little things like changing an AC filter. To make sure homeowners are empowered to do even the small things themselves, our construction department hosts Home Maintenance 102 to teach them how to do everything from checking the circuit breaker to turning off the water line.
Since this class is very Habitat home-specific, it is not open to the public, but we have a Home Maintenance 101 class that is, along with 10 other free classes. See upcoming classes here >>

Supporter Spotlight:

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

We are so thankful for the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation and their generous grant to help empower families and build a stronger community through our Habitat U classes and housing counseling services. Thank you for your support in helping us Face The Housing Crisis™!

Our tree decorating team is pictured with Rosen Hotels & Resorts President Harris Rosen and Habitat Orlando & Osceola Board member Janice Abrew-Coriano of Rosen Hotels & Resorts.

Deck the halls with hard hats and holly…

Habitat Orlando & Osceola elves worked hard to decorate a tree for the halls of Rosen Shingle Creek. Complete with a sparkly hard hat tree topper, our tree will compete against trees decorated by other area nonprofits during A Tree-Mendous Affair on Saturday, Dec. 16, from 3 to 5 p.m. The organization with the most votes will win a $5,000 contribution from the Harris Rosen Foundation. We hope you can join us!
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Help us increase our impact in 2024

Homeownership has immediate impacts on Habitat families, and its return grows with each new, flourishing generation. Increasing homeownership revitalizes neighborhoods and strengthens Central Florida. Your gift to Habitat Orlando & Osceola is the foundation for a better community.
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