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The Credit Woman | Building Financial Independence
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Credit, that's my lane!
I wouldn't have believed it, but there is no clear rule on passing on a  double-yellow line. I don't because I was taught it was illegal. What does that have to do with credit? I stay in my lane. Some people think I am a notary, accountant, financial advisor, etc. I do know a lot about different professions, but just like it is highly ill-advised to pass on a double-yellow line, I give just enough advice to direct you to the right professional. However, for credit, well...I am The Credit Woman. :).
(1) Laura Roane, The Insurance Lady, (2) The celebration party with distinguished guests and Ellen Fisher, Founder and Publisher of the WYPs. We were all honored to be a part of the 25th anniversary edition. (3) If I see you, you will defintiely have an 'autographed' book. LOL I can't wait to get to know the other 24 (I know Laura!) women that are also featured on the cover. 
Calling All Entrepreneurs
This particular women-only series is designed to inform and educate entrepreneurs on real life issues that directly affect their success. The three major components are: an Accounting System (you still need an accountant!), a Marketing/Networking System and great personal Credit. My co-host, business coach and accountability partner Nicole Newman of Newman Networks and I have been working together for years. I could not successfully grow my business without these systems. Click here for more information.
Register HERE. This series is limited to 15 attendees (only 11 slots available as of May 1st) to provide the best consulting for your individual business and provide an opportunity to learn from the other 14 owners.
Please use promo code: TCW
The Company (Wo)Man is dead; long live the Entrepreneur!
June 22nd you can go to the movies for a couple hours or you can change the course of your life. The price is the same, but the results are not!  
Full Conference participants may bring a guest to attend as well. Introduce your guest upon arrival. They do not have to register. 
This is a not to be missed conference. Vending spots are still be available. Contact me at 215-350-2483 for further information.
My session is: Turning Self-Worth into Net Worth
Entrepreneurs are gifted with amazing vision and perseverance for their ideas. But the reality is your credit report is your financial resume. Learn how to make yours, suppport you.
PWBN 'Gateway to Success' Conference
The 'Gateway to Success' Conference is a great event for PWBN members and guests with workshops, networking and a motivational luncheon. Please click on the link above for detailed information.

However, what is equally important are the Expo and Job Fair that are FREE to the public. 

"Amazing Connections Expo" and PWBN Job Fair at the 
Spring Mill Manor - Info at 
These are free events open to the public (18 & over) 
starts immediately after Gateway to Success Conference
 2PM to 7PM.  Manor is approximately 2/10 mile from
Conference venue.

I truly appreciate the vision of Founder Phyllis Smith that knows in today's economic times it is important to think of everyone's situation. We as entrepreneurs need income generating potential clients (This is still my lane!). This is a win-win for everyone. Please share with your networks.
The Credit Woman

What's The Credit Woman Doing Now?

FREE Fatherhood Conference
Once again, fathers throughout the area and beyond will converge on the Philadelphia Convention Center for a day of amazing resources. There are health care exhibitors, educators, family law professionals, community leaders and many morerources for you and your family. Additionally, we have educators, family law professionals, community leaders and many more there to help you with the daily challenges of being a father. Of course, The Credit Woman will be presenting and reviewing a limited number of credit reports. Register Here.
The Daddy Daughter Dance
This is the primary fund raiser for the FREE Fatherhood Conference. Take your daughter(s) out for a memorable experience to last a life time. Includes a sit down dinner, prizes, keepsake photo, gift bags, music and more! Register HERE.
Yikes, it's TV!!
"Do the thing you fear the most and death of fear is certain." Mark Twain
Thank you to Debbie Goetz of Debbie Goetz Media Connections, LLC for consistently getting me noticed in 'new' markets.
Now "breathe, smile and be yourself". This will be my mantra when the camera begins rolling in a couple weeks. You may see my lips moving! LOL Of course, I will let you know when it will air. :)
If you missed Jennifer Dent's series, you can hear it for a limited time on the above link. Ten experts and myself speak about money and marriage. I am continually a witness to couples not being on the same page when it comes to major goals, ie, the purchase of a home. When one in not in alignment, nothing is successfully accomplished. Tune in to " What's Love Got to Do With It".
1st Anniversary Celebration
When you enjoy what you do it is  a party everyday! Well, that's not entirely true, but Laura and I did take time to celebrate a milestone with our business associates and friends. Ladies, we hope you will join us at our next meeting May 17th to learn what all the fuss is about. :) Check out our photos from Monica Lyons of Sista Pics.
This is where I will be June 5th!
Workshops and Luncheon
9:45 am – 12:15 pm – 4 Dynamic professional/personal Workshops
12:30 pm – Luncheon with Motivational Speaker
Details and tickets for workshops and/or luncheon at

7308 Mountain Drive
Elkins Park, PA 19023
215-350-2483 cell
267-535-2907 fax

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