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Peacebuilding and the Arts: Exploring the contributions of arts and culture to peace
Please join the launch of Acting Together online!

Welcome to this special issue of Peacebuilding and the Arts Now, announcing the launch of new digital resources from Acting Together on the World Stage (ATWS).

The Brandeis Peacebuilding and the Arts phoenix arises anew as we bring the scholarly rigor, insight and beauty of ATWS to the on-line e-learning sphere.

Acting Together on the World Stage: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict was originally released in 2011, in collaboration with Theatre Without Borders. The initiative produced a two-volume anthology, accompanied by a documentary, short educational videos, and  print materials designed for trainers. The film features works in Australia, Cambodia, Peru, Serbia, Uganda, and the United States. It has been screened in thousands of venues worldwide, and we distributed nearly 1,000 DVD/toolkits!

Take a moment and visit our new website where the many mutlimedia and print resources are easy to access and download, and check out  the new mini-documentary. Please share these resources throughout your networks. Consider hosting a screening of the documentary in your community. Join an IMPACT global learning exchange introducing the arts, culture and conflict transformation ecosystem.

We hope you are inspired by the Acting Together stories, and find these new resources useful, enjoyable and affirming! We welcome your responses and suggestions!

Cindy Cohen, Allison Lund, Dijana Milošević, Polly Walker
The ATWS relaunch team

New resources have been lovingly crafted by filmmaker Allison Lund, along with Cindy and Polly, co-creators of the original documentary and toolkit. The website offers information, resources for teaching and learning, links, and access to downloading the full documentary, which is available on a sliding scale. During the relaunch, the $10 individual price includes public screening rights.
A new five-minute video includes an introduction to performance and creative transformation of conflict, with  comments from John Paul Lederach, Salomón Lerner Febres and others. It works as a preview and is an engaging stand-alone piece when time constraints prevent screening the feature film.
Short video stories are illustrated by clips of performances and interviews with artists and scholars. To facilitate teaching and learning, they are organized into playlists, exploring themes such as rehumanization, ritual, gender, transitional justice, and assessment.

Printable documents include guidelines for story circles, handouts on the moral imagination and minimizing risks of harm, as well as worksheets for planning, documenting and assessing peacebuilding performance initiatives.
Acting Together in Several Languages
Our steadfast supporter, Elaine Reuben ’63, is supporting this relaunch as well as productions of sub-titled versions of the documentary in Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Sinhala, Tamil and Japanese. These are available through the ReCAST website.
Two-volume anthology
The Acting Together on the World Stage resources accompany a two-volume anthology, published by New Village Press; now distributed through New York University Press. The anthology presents case studies in addition to those featured in the film and toolkit, including from India, Israel, Palestine, Sri Lanka.
Acting Together I: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict  focuses on resistance and reconciliation;
Acting Together II: Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict  focuses on building just and inclusive communities, as well as theoretical frameworks emerging from the Acting Together initiative. 

…I will keep introducing [the documentary] in Korea on and on. It is a truly significant film at a critical juncture in our times. I’d like to express my respect to you.
Environmental Artist
Screening in South Korea
By placing theatre in the midst of community, this film provides for a venue through which the artist and the spectator, the oppressor and the oppressed, the politician and the common man, are forced to look into their respective mirror. A mirror that presents the injustice done, and demands for the healing to come.
Professor of Creative Arts, poet, and author from Iran
Course in Peacebuilding and the Arts at Siena College, NY
The Acting Together resources -- anthology, documentary and toolkit -- were fantastic! My students, from all around the globe, loved the richness of the stories and the detail and support of the materials. How can we stay involved in the conversation?
Visual and Communications Arts faculty member
Summer Peacebuilding Institute, Eastern Mennonite University
It is clear from responses to the documentary that people are tremendously moved by the creativity and the courage and the integrity and the humanity of the people featured in the film.
Founder, Peace and Collaborative Development Network
Alliance for Peacebuilding Conference, New York
The trailer was a great tool for introducing the
ideas/concepts and for adding an international scope.
A participant shared, 'I did not know that there are other people
who have the passion for advocating for art just like I do.'

Program Director Global Youth Connect
Arts for Peace and Human Rights Conference, Rwanda

We’re eager to hear your thoughts!! Please send your comments.
Explore key conflict transformation concepts with IMPACT
Upcoming: Learning Exchanges

Join IMPACT for a virtual learning exchange on April 21st and 22nd for an introduction to the ecosystem of arts, culture, and conflict transformation (acct)! This 48-hour long exchange will be hosted in both English and Spanish and will allow people from across the globe, in their own time zones, to contribute their thoughts in writing to prompts, questions and each other’s responses.

IMPACT would like to invite artists, cultural workers, conflict transformation practitioners, researchers, funders, and policymakers to explore key concepts in the acct ecosystem: resistance, re-humanization, reconciliation, conflict transformation and moral imagination. This online exchange is an opportunity to learn from one another’s experiences and we hope to hear in particular from both younger participants and elders in the acct ecosystem and related fields.

Drawing on the resources of Acting Together on the World Stage, we will explore these concepts in relation to performance, and extend an invitation to participants to share work in other media as well.
Thanks to Peace Direct for partnering to host this exchange on the Peace Insight platform.

Interested in participating or learning more? Send an email with a brief introduction to Armine Avetisyan at to apply.

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