This REI-funded study is calling for volunteers.
This REI-funded study is calling for volunteers.

Citizen Scientists needed: Dryer Vent Microplastics Study. 

We want to know if clothes dryers emit small bits of plastics (called microplastics, or microfibers from synthetic clothing) into the environment, and we need your help.
Last year, Desert Research Institute and the League to Save Lake Tahoe detected microplastics in Lake Tahoe for the first time ever, and many of them were microfibers. This discovery revealed that microplastic pollution is not just present in oceans, but also to in mountains and lakes, including highly protected areas like Lake Tahoe. 
Now, we are investigating the question: Are dryer vents a source of microplastics into Lake Tahoe? 
Dryers vent lint and other particulates into the atmosphere which potentially include small plastic particles –and  much of the time there is little to no way to prevent plastic particles from reaching the air, land, or water. We hypothesize that one potential source of microfibers to Lake Tahoe is dryer vent emissions. 
We are calling for volunteers for this study. Express your interest by filling out this form!
A dryer vent lint catcher installed on the outside of a home. 

What does it involve? 

To better understand if microplastics are emitted through the drying process, we invite you to sign up to be part of either: 
(1) A large group of volunteers who are willing to record their dryer usage for a month and share it via the Citizen Science Tahoe mobile phone app,
(2) A small group of volunteers to install our dryer vent lint catchers on the outside of their house and send the contents of the catcher back to us.

Click the link below to learn more about what the dryer vent installation involves. 

Join the dryer vent study today! 

Click the link below to express your interest in either (1) or (2). 

This project is made possible in part by support from the REI Co-op. 

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