Grand Prix: Let's Get it Started!
Grand Prix: Let's Get it Started!
Parent Meeting   
We appreciate everyone who logged in for our Virtual Parent meeting last week. For the parents that were not able to attend the live presentation, we invite them to watch the recorded meeting and view the presentation used during the meeting.  Please log in to your Team Unify account, hover over the Competitive Team header, and click on the 2021 Fall Parent Meeting tab.
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Core Skill Progression Charts
Ensworth Aquatics’ coaches are beginning to implement the new Core Skills Progression into daily training sessions. The Core Skills were presented during the Parent Meeting and have been written about in summer newsletter additions. There are several reasons the age group coaching staff is implementing these Core Skills:
  • Provide athletes a visual reference to skills they need to learn to become better swimmers
  • Create alignment between groups by providing coaches a framework around which to organize practice sessions
  • Provide opportunities for athletes to demonstrate proficiency of core skills during challenging practice sets
  • Incentivize athletes to learn the skills by rewarding them through the season 
  • Tie this reward system to the Grand Prix competition series by assigning point values for all athletes who demonstrate their ability to learn the skills
View Core Skills Progression Charts
Grand Prix Competition
Ensworth Aquatics kicks off the first Grand Prix competition on Saturday, September 11. This new addition to our program will foster competition within our team while creating a scoring incentive to encourage swimmers to race a wide range of events, even some that may be very daunting!

All athletes on the team have been placed on one of three Grand Prix Teams: Team Torpedo, Team Tsunami, and Team Flip Flop.  Please review everything you need to know about the Grand Prix series by clicking on this link.  You can also access this link from the Event Page on Team Unify. Here are two VERY important points:
  1. Athletes in the Stingray, Dolphin, Marlin, and Shark groups should arrive at practice on Grand Prix days no later than 10:00 am.  The Grand Prix meet will end by 12:00 pm.  We do encourage all participants in the Stingray, Dolphin, Marlin, and Shark groups to get here earlier so they can cheer on their Grand Prix Teammates in the Senior, Senior 1, and Junior groups.  Those athletes will be racing at the end of their practice time (roughly 9:40 am.)

  2. Athletes in the earlier practice groups are encouraged to stay and support their younger Grand Prix teammates. The team will provide fruit and a breakfast sandwich for those who do stay. Please complete the form to let us know if your athlete can stay and help with the Grand Prix series for our younger age groups.
Click here to help with Grand Prix
One big goal is to avoid creating another parent volunteer commitment while still providing athletes a racing experience that is meaningful and fun.  However, we will welcome parent participation in certain roles for those who are here and plan to observe the event.
Please review the rosters to ensure your child’s name appears there. While all athletes were assigned a team, there is the off-chance an athlete’s name was left off when we re-typed all names to create the flyers.  Please contact Cissy Fleet ( and Christian Bahr ( if you cannot find your child’s name on any of the teams.
Friday Night Lights & Pizza on the Patio 
Next Friday, September 17, Ensworth Aquatics will host its first-ever “Pizza on the Patio” for a home Ensworth football game against Memphis University School.
We will order pizza for the groups finishing at 7:00 pm., which is kick-off time! We will eat on the third-story patio and watch some of the game.  Please use the button below to let us know if your athlete will be at practice and plans to stay late for pizza.  Parents will be welcome to come upstairs to enjoy the game as well.  Please note that anyone wishing to watch the game from downstairs will have to pay an admission fee, but viewing from the 3rd-floor patio is free!  
Pizza on the Patio - September 17, 2021
New Website Design
By now, the majority of our members have interacted with the new website. While our team's administrative group finds the change to be an easier way to manage team business, we recognize that some users may still be a bit lost. Please don't suffer in silence! Please alert Cissy Fleet if you cannot find information, experience issues, or notice broken pages. Cissy Fleet can be reached through email:
Practice Schedule Calendar 
There is a new calendar feature that will replace the live practice schedule page. The new calendar feature has already been integrated into our new website; it can be found under the Competitive Team tab and is the first option in that drop-down menu: Team Calendar Fall 2021
The new calendar is managed through Google but users do not need a Google account to view it. This calendar application enables users to switch between three views: Week, Month, and Agenda, and it can launch a print-ready format.  
For our families who are Google Calendar users, this calendar can integrate directly into your master calendar by clicking on the plus at the bottom right of the calendar.
Click on the images below to visit these pages.
Short Course Meets
Next Saturday, Ensworth Aquatics hosts our first invitational of the 2021 short course season. Parents need to commit their swimmers TODAY, September 10. Some new families may be unsure how to commit their swimmers to a meet. To help answer this question, check out this quick video that goes through the steps of committing a swimmer to a meet (as well as sign up for a volunteer position for a meet session). Please view our events page on Team Unify for complete meet information. 
Payment Processing 
A quick word on updating credit cards in TeamUnify.  When updating credit cards on your account, please mark Use for Fees Associated With Your Account and Use for On-Demand Payments.  Also, if a credit card expires or is compromised and you need to remove it from the account, please notify Cissy Fleet at as it requires an administrator to make that change. Include only the last 4 digits and the expiration date of the credit card to be removed from the account.  
Birthday Shout Outs
Big shout out to our Ensworth Aquatics teammates with September birthdays. We wish each of these fantastic athletes the Happiest of Birthdays:
  • Josephine Perkinson, September 1
  • Camden Reuthe, September 1
  • Aurelia Sloane, September 2
  • Rhys Barnett, September 3
  • Coach Bahr, September 10
  • Hannah Fridrich, September 12
  • Megan Horne, September 16
  • Bella Barbero, September 17
  • Jacob Jominy, September 17
  • Charlie Horne, September 18
  • Jessica Long, September 19
  • Kate Andrews, September 21
  • Grace Conway, September 24
  • Holden Call, September 29
GroupMe App

If you have not already joined your swimmers' GroupMe, please consider doing so.  Parents, coaches, and staff use GroupMe to communicate last-minute updates, traffic issues, practice changes, lost and found, carpooling, and much more. Each practice group has its own group text, and we believe if you ask any returning team members, they will confirm that GroupMe is an invaluable communication tool as it enables them to ask specific questions and plan activities particular to their practice group. Use this link to download the GroupMe app.

Click on your swimmer's practice group to connect through GroupMe
Parent Reps
Below are the Parent Representatives for each training group. Thank you to this dedicated group of parents for taking on this special role for the groups. 
  • Stingrays: Lindsay Sanford and Christine Perkinson
  • Dolphins: Marie Moseng
  • Sharks: Fran Spurrier
  • Junior: Jennifer Matthews, Marcy Rehse, and Suzanne Satterfield
  • Marlins: Stefanie Massey & Sheila Thayer
  • Senior 1 & Senior: Susan Emrhein, Margaret Mason, and Jessica Jackson
Social Media
Ensworth Aquatics is on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Use the icons below to connect with the team on social media. 
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