In July, Taylor's Heart took a crew of hard working men and women to Buena Vida Oprhanange to clean up the lower property, build a trash enclosure, and build the west wall of the facility!

Everyone worked very hard, completing all three projects, and the outcome was fantastic!

                AND IN BETWEEN......
And... all the help you could ask for..............

Thank you to North Hollywood Toyota,

US Crane, and Central Christian Church for your generous donations toward this project!  Your support is greatly appreciated!

We took a quick work break Saturday morning and headed out to the local Rancho, where Taylor's Heart, alongside The Cause Church, Brea, delivered the work boots, womens and childrens shoes, new socks, underwear, and food items we have been collecting for the migrant farm workers.

Thank you to everyone who donated to this project, it was a great sucess!!! Thank you Nico for giving our group a beautiful tour of your facility. We appreciate your hard work!

Food Drive in July!

Central Christian Church hosted a food drive to fill the pantry of Buena Vida Orphanage the entire month of July! The participation was amazing!

Thank you for your support! Check out the August newsletter for the Taylor's Heart food drive delivery pictures!

Prayer Targets:

  • As the Mexican government makes a push to return children to family, pray that the Lord would precede the paths for these young ones that return. Pray that God's blessing and protection would remain over each one as they grow. Pray that the love of Jesus would deepen and thrive in their hearts as they grow and mature. 

  • As Buena Vida is prepared to take on more children, pray for God to lead and guide each one as they come into this big, loving, accepting family.

  • Pray for Taylor's Heart work trip part two, as we tackle some more projects at Buena Vida in September. Pray for those involved, for the planning and preparations, the donors, and the
    work trip as it approaches.

  • Pray for Taylor's Heart. Pray that our support base, our effectiveness, and our impact is 
    is deepened and widened.

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Thank you for your continued support!

The Taylor's Heart Crew

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