A special edition of Cliff Notes
A special edition of Cliff Notes

To all of our colleagues who are retiring this year and/or moving on to a new chapter in life, we wish you a fond farewell and gratitude for the service each of you has given to SBCC and its students these past years.

Delving into our official photo archive, were able to find only a handful of pictures of those who are leaving. They appear in the video slide show below. The full list of names appears further down.
Appearing in order: Randy Bublitz, Dina Castillo, Heather Rose, Paul Bishop, Morris Hodges, Chuck Melendez, Martha Lizalde, Clarice Hillebrand, Andy Harper, Priscilla Mora, Angie Esqueda, Arturo Rodriguez, Melissa Moreno.
Faculty members with more than 350 total years of tireless work at the college are saying goodbye this year. That number far from sums up the long-standing legacies each of them has left to the institution and its students. We thank them for their incredible service and wish them all the best.

Kathie Adams, 19 years
Elizabeth Bowman, 13 years
Randy Bublitz, 27 years
Dina Castillo, 31 years
Annette Cordero, 22 years
Chella Courington, 12 years
Sally Ghizzoni , 24 years
Morris Hodges, 30 years
Charles Melendez, 29 years
Michael Robinson, 11 years
Heather Rose, 10 years
Cathy Schermer, 10 years
Sandy Starkey, 13 years
Donna Terpening, 11 years
Danielle Terveen, 8 years
Sheila Wiley, 16 years
Ann Wilkinson , 34 years
Lynette Williamson, 11 years
Ronald Wopat , 29 years
We say goodbye to 26 classified staff, managers, administrators and deans in 2020. Whether following new career opportunities or retiring, they all leave behind more than 500 years of tireless work supporting the college and its students in almost every department and on all three campuses. We wish them well in their new endeavors!

Sandra Allain, 33 years
Paul Bishop, 14 years
Erika Blos, 15 years
Annette Boatman, 8 years
Anita Cole, 29 years
Angie Esqueda, 20 years
Sandy Evenson, 21 years
Andy Harper, 11 years
Clarice Hillebrand, 12 years
Guadalupe Huerta, 31 years
James Ingram, 17 years
Mayuree Leelahatorn, 34 years
Martha Lizalde, 20 years
Juan (Carlos) Macias, 33 years
Priscilla Mora, 13 years
Melissa Moreno, 13 years
Marcella Poitras, 9 years
Arturo Rodriguez, 2 years
Luis Ruiz, 30 years
Elizabeth Smith, 18 years
Beverly Jo Stephen, 12 years
Jerry Lee Thomas, 25 years
Elaine Tomatore, 23 years
Chris Turner, 18 years
Gordon Vander Sal, 15 years
David Linn Wong, 35 years

Parting Thoughts

What gives with you leaving?
By Priscilla Mora

The road rises
each breath filling the moment
until it is large and beyond description
How does one say goodbye
or thank you
or really, you were kind, you were generous, 
you were teacherly
you believed in people in ways big and small

And so
we breathe in
and out
the future one of 

This place you made,
the space held in the reservoirs of learning,
the place lives like a warm ocean
alive, well, full of love's embrace
stuttering into the future with wide arms

Contribute Your Part to a Proud Legacy

Do you know about the SBCC Legacy Project? It is an online collection of first-person histories that tell the story of Santa Barbara City College from the mid-twentieth century to the present. The site features the memoirs of people associated with the college, both written and through videos, as well as the beginnings of a photo gallery.

The Legacy Project is a work in progress. We hope to add new photos, memoirs and videos of others as they reflect on their association with SBCC.
Visit the SBCC Legacy Project site.

As you look back on your years at SBCC, think about contributing to the Legacy Project. We invite new submissions. Anyone associated with the college during this period who is interested in participating in this project should contact the Office of Communications at marketing@sbcc.edu.
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