Mistakes, Meditation and Paying Attention! (Plus an audio gift)
Mistakes, Meditation and Paying Attention! (Plus an audio gift)
May 15, 2015 - Volume 2, Issue 5
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May 19, 2015
Powerful You! Women's Networking Meeting:
May Topic - From Holding Grudges to Forgiveness and Freedom: Is it Possible?
The Corner Pub,Rt 206, Flanders, NJ; 7:00 - 8:30 PM
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May 2015:
April was so busy, I am still reading, so we will continue with this book for May:  
First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition.  
Author: Simone Wright
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Deb Wilber is the owner of Real Life Spark, a coaching practice dedicated to Igniting the Next Generation of YOU!™  
Her practice is designed to inspire you to take small steps that lead to big changes in your life as you co-create a plan that makes your goals attainable.
Deb's journey is one of small steps and giant leaps of faith - from her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut to the achievement of her goal of entrepreneurship!
Dedicated to helping clients find their inner spark, Deb's authentic style - a blend of executive experience, intuitive knowledge, business education and coach training - complements her passion to inspire others.

Deb's Sparks!
Hi, my name is Debbie. I am a human being and I make mistakes. It's been that kind of month for me. All of 2015 has been an adventure as my personal year 5. A roller coaster ride of change. 
We are all human and make mistakes.  This is how we learn and grow and I am grateful for this human experience.  As a Professional Intuitive Coach, when I realize I am ignoring my intuition, that feels like a HUGE mistake.  A mistake I should not be making if I am teaching people to recognize and follow their intuition. A mistake that reminds me that I am human.
A bible verse comes to mind, Luke 4:23 "And he said to them, “Doubtless you will quote to me this proverb, ‘Physician, heal yourself.’ What we have heard you did at Capernaum, do here in your hometown as well.”
Recently, I have heard the messages in my heart and but listened to the messages in my head which has lead me to make a few mistakes.  In workshops, I conclude by saying "Follow your heart, but take your brain with you."  It's always a balance, but lead with your heart.  I need to attend one of my workshops.  Physician, heal yourself.
So this month, it back to basics.  Let's revisit meditation, the way to quiet our minds, open our hearts and receive intuitive guidance.  And remind ourselves to pay attention to the signs, because they are always there guiding us.
I am grateful for mistakes.  Imagine a life without growth or education opportunities.  How boring.  
Peace, Love and Sparks!  Deb
Igniting YOUR Transformation! Meditation, revisited.
Meditation is the topic where I meet the most resistance with people.  The typical reponse is, I can't meditate.  I can't sit still or stop the thoughts going through my head. So let's look at meditation from a different angle:  when do you have your best thoughts that help you solve a problem?  when do you receive intuitive guidance? Take a minute to think about this.
Most of us have experienced solving problems while taking a shower.  Have you had a flash of insight, while in the shower, that was the solution to a problem at work or at home? My explanation for this is that we know how to take a shower and do not need to think about it.  We go through our process and relax, giving the right side of our brain time to open up and receive guidance, provide solutions, etc. If you have experienced this, add 'showering' to your meditation practice. 
Any activity that you can do without thinking, can provide a similar result as meditation - receiving guidance.  Walking is an activity I enjoy, I don't need to think about too much and the movement helps my intuitive guidance come through loud and clear.  What are those activities for you?  Gardening?  Mowing the lawn?  Knitting? Take a minute to think about this and reflect back to when you receive your best thoughts.  Have you discovered alternative meditation practices?
For me, nothing feels better than sitting in meditation for 20 minutes and being present.  That feeling comes with time, and that's why I believe its called a meditation practice, because it takes practice.  If the thought of sitting quietly for 20 minutes with yourself is intimidating, then try 5 minutes.  And identify your alternative meditation practices.
Here's a 10 minute guided meditation that accompanies my Discover Your Spark Worksheet (you don't need the worksheet to try the meditation):
Tools You can Use!  Pay attention to the signs!
I love when we pay attention to the signs, because they are always there.  I love this post from June 2014, so I am going to share it again.  Enjoy. (PS.  Mercury goes Retrograde again on 5/18/15 and its a new moon.)
Hopefully, you have been paying attention to the signs, nudges, and winks from the Universe. They surround us each day, but we typically don't pay attention.  
Recently, I had an experience that caused me to stop and pay attention.  It was Friday the 13th, a full moon and Mercury was in retrograde.  A lot of cosmic stuff going on. This is the day that the brakes on my car decided not to work.  
The Universe had my back that day.  There were no other cars on the road when my brakes failed and I was able to safely stop and call for assistance.  This changed my plans for the day and got my attention.
At the end of the day, when my car had been repaired and I was home safe, I replayed the events around the brake failure.  That was my a-ha moment.  When I looked at my plan for the day and what my real activities were, it was a clear message to me.  And I took note.
I challenge you to continue to pay attention this month and see what the Universe is saying to you.  It's as simple as noticing when something gets your attention.  What's the message for you?  My brake failure was not a message to buy a new car, it was a message about my life's purpose and staying on my path. 
Always, always, always pay attention!

“I want to say that I enjoyed your intuitive coaching workshop at last Friday's job club at CCM. It helped to answer some questions and opened my eyes to other solutions.”
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