STEAM:  Shaping the Future of Education
A STEAM education prepares the young workers of tomorrow to succeed in a fast-paced, ever changing, technology driven job market. In addition to core academic knowledge, students must learn to think critically and be adaptable. 

Through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), students are exposed to technology and learn to problem solve while working creatively and collaboratively. The “A” in STEAM represents digital arts and communications, skills highly in demand in today’s society.

Young elementary students are at a key developmental time. Students are naturally open and inquisitive. Their preferences and attitudes towards math and science are not set.

Students must develop 21st-century skills—critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, project management, technology use—that they will combine with their mastery of traditional subjects to navigate and succeed in the future. 

STEAM education prepares today’s students for jobs that do not exist yet where they will use technologies that do not exist yet. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2017 employment projections report, one of the ten fastest growing occupations is software application developer and the Bureau predicts the addition of more than 255,000 jobs between 2016 and 2026. They also project the addition of nearly 140,000 engineering jobs. 

Learning in a STEAM Lab is learning that knows no fear. It is just the first step on the path to building confidence, perseverance and resilience that incubates innovation.

Most importantly, with the critical 21st-century skills growing in STEAM lab, students are ready for whatever challenges the future holds—even in a world of technology and careers yet to be imagined. 

Holy Child Academy

 Holy Child Academy's Innovation Lab for STEAM education
Filled with energy and excitement that’s audible from the halls, not to mention some pretty cool technologies and manipulatives—like iPad-powered robots, K’Nex, a 3D printer, and a stop-motion studio—useful for all kinds of projects and investigations, the Holy Child Academy Innovation Lab is one of a kind in Delaware County.
In the lab, students from pre-kindergarten to grade eight work in groups on units such as robotics, mechanics and structures, alternative and renewable energy, digital communications, and software engineering. If students want to dive deeper into a topic or a technology, they can. Students experience multiple technologies and units over the course of the year.

“The lab is a wonderful fit for how kids learn and develop. They’re engaged. They’re challenging themselves,” says Erica Zwilling, facilitator of the Innovation Lab.
Beginning in grade four, students journal their progress, conduct a self-assessment at the end of each project, and present to the class. Their efforts are kept in an e-portfolio, which becomes a body of work the students can use when applying to high school.
Even the two- and three-year-olds reap the benefits, enjoying STEAM activities in their own classrooms.

 About Holy Child Academy
Founded in 1927, Holy Child Academy (HCA) is an independent, Catholic school for boys and girls of all faiths in Nursery through Grade 8, located in Drexel Hill. In an environment of trust and respect, HCA lays the foundation for a lifetime of excellence, achievement, and service. 

HCA recognizes the individual gifts and talents of each child. It is committed to a program that engages students at every stage of their emotional, intellectual, moral, physical, social, and spiritual development. HCA promotes personal responsibility, community service, and an appreciation of diversity, while inspiring students to shape the future with a joyful spirit and creative optimism.

Part of an international network of schools, HCA prepares students to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. The shared goals of Holy Child Schools include: 

- offering an intellectually challenging and creative program of study that develops a love of learning and academic excellence; 

- working for Christian principles of justice, peace, and compassion in every facet of life; 

- creating a learning climate based on trust and reverence for the dignity and uniqueness of each person; and

- promoting the personal growth and development of all who participate in the life of the school.

 Upcoming Events
Learn more about the early childhood program at the open house and play day May 19, 10-11:30 a.m.
Children in nursery-kindergarten will participate in a fun learning activity.

Holy Child Summer STEAM Camps

June 11-15: Lego Camp (half day)
Grades Pre-Kindergarten–1

Build a Lego robot and other challenges

June 25-29: Gamers
Grades 1–6

Use coding and animation to create a game 

July 9-13: Solar Camp
Grades 1–4 (half day)

Build a model house using the power of the sun

July 30-August 3: Claymation
Grades 1–8 

Storyboard, create Claymation characters, and take stop-action photographs 

Camp Information 
Holy Child Academy
475 Shadeland Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA 19026

  Rebecca Kellich
Direc­tor of Recruitment, Admissions and Summer Programs:

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