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Kids Blaze New Trails in 3D Modeling at our Oak View Club
Do I need special glasses to read a word document? You might think that when the word 3D modeling and printing comes to mind.  However, for those unfamiliar, this is the latest trend and advancement in the digital priting sphere.  Where before, you could print only up to 2D scale, like a word document, imagine creating full 3D objects.  In other words, visualize producing a plastic dining set from your printer or recreating what a femur bone looks like in full scale.  Of course, you would have to have a 3D printer to do it, but you get the idea?
Pretty cool right? Our kids thought so too.  In an effort to learn about this more fully, Oak View Boys & Girls Club partnered with the Ventura County Library to run a month long 3D printing and coding club.  The project consisted of twenty 4th and 5th grade students, for a total of four weeks.  
At first many of the kids were skeptical on how hard it would be to put 3D modeling into practice.  Yet after a couple weeks, the modeling was more or less routine and the program, according to many of the kids became much easier to manage.  The kids enjoyed being able to design their own 3D models and add personal touches to whistles they made, including smiley faces.  More importantly, the project itself stoked many of the kids curiosity into how 3D modeling could be applied to other fields like gaming.  So many unanswered questions yet to be discovered, but it was a great way to introduce our kids to technology that might one day benefit them in an ever-changing digital age.

Club Kids Add a Splash of Color and Imagination to Teen Room at Johnson Club
Kids at the Johnson Boys & Girls Club rolled up their sleeves and and set paint to plaster in the Johnson teen room this past month.  In a five week program partnered with the Cal State University Channel Islands Art Program, Club kids from all ages, worked together to redesign the walls of the teen room with a flash of color.  The project which consisted of 25 to 30 kids of all ages, were guided by five artists from the university and the program included a generous donation of paints and supplies to match. Students worked with a graphic artists to conceptualize, map out and eventually upload their design online.  The kids then chose among themselves their favorite concept that they would apply to the room itself.
The final design chosen, displayed a cartoonish cityscape of Ventura, with beachy scenes and urban character that was then sketched onto the wall and painted in phases, first blues, then yellows and reds.  One of the highlights for many of the younger kids was being able to paint alongside older teen members.  The project itself established an even playing field where age wasn’t a factor.  At the end, kids were given bricks to sign and commemorate their participation.  If you’re in town, stop on by and come see what our kids created!!
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