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Art and culture are invaluable aspects of society. They help to inform, inspire, and translate experiences that transcend place and time! In this issue of The Bridge, we invite you to dive into diverse forms of art and culture across SOI’s global network. Join us to learn about the art of qajaqing and its cultural significance; listen to the unique sounds of throatboxing; create your own piece of art and culture through an Inuit sewing workshop; explore works of art inspired by the Canada C3 expedition; and more!
Join us to learn about throatboxing with award-winning artist (and SOI alum) Nelson Tagoona. Nelson is a pioneer in throatboxing, which is a unique art form blending traditional Inuit throat singing and beat-boxing. Learn more and try to create your own sounds with this video presentation!
Did you know the qajaq (kayak) is an Inuit invention? Join Maligiaq Padilla (Greenland)  and Robert Comeau (Nunavut) to learn about the art of qajaq building and paddling, and its cultural significance across the North during their live discussion on October 25th at 2pm EST.
Open Channels presents the works of visual artists who took part in the Canada C3 expedition. Explore their art, inspired by Canada’s ever-evolving environmental, social and cultural landscapes, as well as from dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Open Channels is currently featured at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and you can view the full art exhibition online at!
Learn about Inuit sewing techniques with elder, educator, SOI alum and master seamstress Annie Petaulassie. Skilled in sewing, beading and making handcrafts, Annie will share her talents, and speak about the importance in passing down Indigenous knowledge. This event is hosted by youth alum and seamstress Baeily Evetalegak.

SOI Staff Pick: Alumni E-book

This Alumni E-Book was created by 2020 SOI Alumni Council member, and Arctic 2018 alum, Aurora Eide! Filled with art and poetry, it features artwork from SOI alumni from the early 2000s up to the latest Arctic expedition in 2019. Explore here.

Alumni Making Waves: Jess Winters

Jessica Winters, a young emerging artist and curator, and Arctic 2016 alum from Nunatsiavut is making waves in the arts scene. With a BA in biology, Jessica hopes to combine her degree with her passion for art to advocate for the preservation and conservation of Inuit homelands and ways of life. Read more.
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What's on Deck!

Our next release of The Bridge will focus on Canada’s emerging Sustainable Blue Economy. Learn about the challenges and opportunities facing our ocean and freshwater sectors, and the growing importance of preparing youth for future blue jobs.

Did you know?

We held an SOI photo contest on The Bridge and our winner was Arctic 2019 alum, Maria Fustic! Maria won a one-on-one session with our incredible expedition photographer Natta Summerky. Congratulations Maria on your beautiful image of a whale breaching in the bay in Ilulissat, Greenland. See the photo below!
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