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July, 2018 - In this issue

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) is basically the rule book for the valuation of real estate.  Developed and promulgated by the Appraisal Foundation, and updated biennially, USPAP consists of eight (8) fairly detailed standards addressing the development, reporting and review of real estate, personal property and business valuations, along with advisory opinions, definitions and a variety of rules relating to ethics, record-keeping, competency and scope of work.

Golf property appraisals have some unique qualities that require specific attention in order to be compliant with USPAP.

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Shortly after publishing our piece on Drones in our June newsletter, combined with the piece on Club Mission, a reader raised an interesting question:

Should Private Clubs adopt a rule that drones shall not be permitted to operate above their property without club permission? 

My initial answer was: “Well, first I’m not sure the rule would really matter if it related to non-members.  I don’t know what laws exist that might make it trespassing, but if the club is located in a restricted airspace that can be an issue.  Personally, I wouldn’t fly mine over any course without permission, but on the other hand adding more rules to private clubs is usually (not always) a bad thing.  Private clubs are dying under their own rules because young people want to avoid more rules.  If I were on the board of a club (which I avoid at all costs) I would simply wait until someone flies a drone over, and if it creates a problem simply ask the members to please contact the club before flying over the property and make sure anyone that does is licensed and insured.”

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