Books, a Blog and a Walk in the Park!
Books, a Blog and a Walk in the Park!
February 15, 2015 - Volume 2, Issue 2
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February 17, 2015
Powerful You! Women's Networking Meeting: February topic - Overcoming Procrastination and Completing Your Incompletes!
The Corner Pub,Rt 206, Flanders, NJ; 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Please email me for more info.
February Book:
What I Know for Sure, by Oprah Winfrey.
Thank You for supporting the Women Living Consciously, Book 2 Launch!
If you are a member of a group who needs a speaker or can connect me with a group, please send me a note.
Deb Wilber is the owner of Real Life Spark, a coaching practice dedicated to Igniting the Next Generation of YOU!™  
Her practice is designed to inspire you to take small steps that lead to big changes in your life as you co-create a plan that makes your goals attainable.
Deb's journey is one of small steps and giant leaps of faith - from her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut to the achievement of her goal of entrepreneurship!
Dedicated to helping clients find their inner spark, Deb's authentic style - a blend of executive experience, intuitive knowledge, business education and coach training - complements her passion to inspire others.

Deb's Sparks!
Happy Anniversary to Wilber Consulting, LLC and Real Life Spark!  It was three years ago on Valentine's Day that I officially formed my company and started planning. It's been an exciting three years.
I recently completed Human Design Level One certification and will incorporate Human Design into my practice. It will be another tool in my toolkit!  Human Design is a relatively new system of personality analysis that combines the elements of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I'Ching, the Kabbalah (Tree of Life), the Hindu Chakra system and modern quantum physics! If you would like to learn more about Human Design, send me a note. 
Have you been over to my blog? I started blogging in January and by February created a plan that I hope will provide inspiring information for your journey.  For the first half of the year, I will be blogging about SPARK, an an acronym I created to remind us of the components of our purpose!  Earlier this month we learned that S stands for Story!  Later in the month, I will write about a tool to help you write your Story.  
During the second half of the year, I will write about Reinvention Cycles and take you through my current 9 year cycle, starting with my Personal Year 1 in 2011.  We will learn about Reinvention Cycles in May because R stands for Reinvention! I hope you stay tuned, read the blog and share it with your friends.
Peace, Love and Sparks!  Deb
Igniting YOUR Transformation! Read a book!
It's the simple things that impact us the most.  Not the expensive or over the top things, but the simple, every day things that can change or inspire change in our lives.
I have a book shelf (or two) filled with wonderful books.  I also have a Kindle Library filled with e-books.  I have always loved books: from a young age browsing my grandmother's library to working in the Delaware Library to visiting the Library of Congress and browsing through the books at Rummage,  I love books.  But, I don't spend enough time reading them!
So let's go on a journey together this year.  I am going to read one book each month from my 'inspirational shelf' and share it with you on "Deb's Book Shelf" (see the sidebar).
This morning, I started reading, "What I Know For Sure" by Oprah Winfrey.  And guess what, in reading the first few pages, I was inspired to share it with you and start reading more inspirational books this year!  So let's read to inspire ourselves and continue to ignite our transformation.
Tools You can Use!  Move your Chi!
So far in 2015, I can count on one hand the number of times I have exercised or walked.  I need to turn this ship around and get moving.  It's time to move my Chi, my vital energy!
For me, 30 minutes of exercise in the morning always improves my mood and makes me feel better.  45 minutes of walking improves my intuition.  I am always amazed at the clarity and inspirational ideas and solutions I receive when I walk.
By the time I write the March newsletter, I will have visited the West Coast, where I plan to do a little hiking.  It's the thought of hiking in the sunshine that is inspiring me to get back to exercise.  This long winter will be over soon and the temperature will be perfect for walking outdoors. And perhaps my Fitbit will stop laughing at me for only recording 3000 steps in a day.
How can you 'move your Chi' this month?  Take a walk.  Find your sneakers, bundle up if you need to, and get outside for some exercise and inspiration!

"Just wanted to take the time to thank you for the great newsletters each month! You have inspired me to make a Vision Board for 2015!" 
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