Schedule Changes:
Beginning the week of January 11, the 6:00AM slot every morning will be open to 12 swimmers to circle swim. This will allow more swimmers access to the pool during this highly demanded time while keeping within Department of Health guidelines. There will be four swimmers per two lanes. Swimmers will go up one lane, follow the middle line on the bottom of the pool to maintain distancing, and back down the second lane. This is entered in Omnify as "CIRCLE SWIM." Our lifeguards will assist swimmers to be placed in lanes dependent on speed. The gender-neutral locker room and the family/accessible changing room in the pool hallway will be available to swimmers to prevent overcrowding in the locker rooms.

We are also offering a few 25-minute reservations to allow more swimmers to have access to the pool. We encourage our swimming folks who tend to not swim for a full swim time to register for these times. They will occur on Tue/Thur at 10:00 am and Mon/Wed/Fri at 3:00 pm. These are entered into Omnify as "SHORT SWIMS." The times are 10:00-10:25 and 10:30-10:55 and also 3:00-3:25 and 3:30-3:55. There are two dedicated lanes at all of these times for short swims and four for full 50 minute swims. The Welcome Center staff will give these swimmers yellow wrist bands so the guard staff will know that they are a half-time swimmer and can help remind them when their time has ended. 

Effective immediately, Welcome Center staff will no longer be permitted to make reservations for members by phone or in person. Members are responsible for making their own reservations from this point forward. The ONLY exception is for members who do not have a computer with internet access or a smartphone. 
The YMCA is proud to continue its support of the Red Cross by hosting a community blood drive on Friday, January 8. All registrants will check-in at the YMCA Welcome Center for screening before proceeding to the gymnasium to make their donation. All donations are tested for the COVID-19 antibody.
If you make your appointment online or via the Red Cross Blood Donor App, you can check your test results approximately one week after donating.

Schedule your appointment today!
RedCrossBlood.org | 1-800-RED CROSS | Blood Donor App


We will be offering a Group Cycling class with Liz every Friday at 10:00AM beginning Friday, January 8. Classes will be held in the yoga studio. Classes are $3 for members and advance registration is required due to limited capacity due to occupancy restrictions.

Non-Member Access Begins 1/11

Beginning Monday, January 11, non-members will be allowed to purchase day passes under the following conditions:
  • Access is only permitted during morning hours of operation (currently 6AM-11AM) and for morning or evening group fitness classes.
  • $10 for all ages
  • To limit potential spread of COVID19 - access is restricted to local residents only. 
  • Must create a non-member account and should be prepared to show ID at time of visit.
  • Non-members will not have access to the pool.
  • Non-members may participate in group fitness classes based on available space on a walk-in basis. The $10 fee includes access to one class during your visit. Register at the Welcome Center when checking in.
  • Non-members may not make advance reserverations for court sports (basketball, racquetball, etc), but may utilize these areas if they are not reserved during their visit.
Nationwide Membership for members of other YMCAs will be honored under the following restrictions:
  • The requirement that your home YMCA be used at least 50% or more of the time each month will be strictly enforced.
  • Students residing locally who maintain a membership at or are on a family plan at another YMCA may not use our YMCA as a Nationwide member. They will need to come as a non-member or purchase a membership for our location.
  • At this time we will only admit Nationwide members from YMCAs within New York State.
  • Nationwide members who reside in or have a membership from a YMCA in a yellow, orange, or red cluster area will not be admitted.
  • Nationwide members will have the same program and facility use restrictions as non-members. (No pool access, fee for group fitness classes, no advance reservations for court use, etc)
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