Take a fully scored, full length practice version of each division.
Take a fully scored, full length practice version of each division.
ARE Update
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Hi ARE Candidate,

The “Exams” tab of your NCARB Record is available again, and inside it you’ll find an exciting new resource to help you prepare for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®): six free practice exams! 
Take the Practice Exams
To ensure that all candidates have access to affordable, high-quality study materials, we’ve created a full-length, fully scored practice exam for each division of the ARE.
The practice exams were written and developed the same way that our real exams are developed: volunteer architects collaborate to develop questions (also called “items”) that test on the objectives outlined in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.
You can take the practice exams in two modes:
  • Test mode mimics the experience you’ll have during a real exam appointment and provides a score report afterward.
  • Practice mode provides the correct answer and rationale behind each item as you go and provides a score report afterward.
The practice exams are available for free to all candidates with an active NCARB Record and active exam eligibilities. Find them by logging in to your Record, navigating to the Exams tab, and going to your Practice Exam Dashboard.

Want to get familiar with ARE questions and tools?

Everyone can access NCARB’s free demo exam at www.ncarb.org/demoexam—available to everyone, regardless of exam eligibility. This free, 75-question experience is designed to help you get familiar with the exam’s format, item types, and tools, and isn’t scored.

Exams Tab Updates

All ARE 5.0 candidates have now been migrated to PSI. When you log in to your Record, you’ll see a new Exams tab. You’ll also have access to updated score reports for all ARE 5.0 divisions (including those taken with Prometric), featuring detailed, percentage-based feedback on your exam performance.
If you’re an ARE 4.0 candidate, you can log in now to transition to ARE 5.0 and continue testing with PSI.
Final ARE 5.0 Guidelines
The final ARE 5.0 Guidelines for testing with PSI are now ready. The content from previous versions of the ARE 5.0 Guidelines for testing with Prometric has been fully updated and merged with content from the ARE 5.0 Handbook, so everything you need to prepare for the exam is all in one place—including important policies as well as information about what you’ll be tested on! Updates from the draft version of the Guidelines for testing with PSI include a note about scheduling exams with accommodations and updates to reflect the new score report.

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