Learn more about the new score validity policy.
Learn more about the new score validity policy.
ARE Update for PSI Testing
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Hi there,
In case you missed it: In February, NCARB announced that the rolling clock policy will be retired on April 30, 2023. It will be replaced with our new score validity policy, which bases the validity of exam scores on versions of the exam rather than a fixed period of time. As part of this change, many expired Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) 4.0 divisions will be reinstated.
We know you have questions about how this implementation will impact your testing progress, so we've answered the most common questions we've received on the NCARB Blog, including:
  • Why do some jurisdictions have a rolling clock requirement?
  • What will happen to my exam scores if my jurisdiction has a rolling clock requirement?
  • Why isn't NCARB reinstating exam scores from ARE 3.1 or earlier versions of the exam?
  • What does NCARB mean by "credit" for reinstated ARE 4.0 exams?
  • Will NCARB refund me for divisions I retook under the rolling clock policy?
  • And more!
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