Take a Walk on Transylvania County’s Creative Side
Take a Walk on Transylvania County’s Creative Side
The Art of the Matter
Take a Walk on Transylvania County’s Creative Side
Brevard and Transylvania County are widely celebrated for their natural beauty. The rushing
waterfalls, lush forests, and high peaks with spectacular views have lured travelers and
residents for generations and filled them with inspiration that comes from taking in a truly
unforgettable sight.
Given the scenic splendors, it’s not surprising that Brevard has long hosted a thriving arts and
crafts community with artists of all stripes creating a myriad of fine art, traditional craft, and
plenty more.
“We really have so much to offer, “says Lucy Clark, artist and owner of the Lucy Clark Gallery.
“I think people are happily surprised by the wealth of creativity in our community.”
Western North Carolina has a reputation for extraordinary art and craft. Brevard and
Transylvania County are no exception. “It’s the breadth of what we offer,” says Lucy, “from
small, hand-crafted gifts to canvases by internationally celebrated painters. At my gallery alone,
there is something for almost everyone at nearly every price point.”
Painting courtesy of Maureen Chapman (partial image shown)
Art in Brevard is more than just an opportunity for browsing. Pottery studios, festivals, and
events rich with creativity allow visitors plenty of hands-on opportunities to learn and create
their own work as well.
“Both Heart of Brevard and the Transylvania Community Arts Council give people plenty of
chances to get involved and discover the best of the arts scene. “From long-standing events like
our Friday Night Gallery Walks to new ones like the noted Plein Air event in September, which is
ramping up for its third year and brings people to town from all over, there is something for
everyone,” Lucy continued. “We’ll have 28 artists and a juried show, as well as demonstrations,
and creative ways for the public to try their hand at making something special.” 

Kathy King, Executive Director of the Transylvania Community Arts Council, agrees that Brevard
offers visitors an ever-expanding range of options to get creative. “The arts and crafts scene in
Transylvania County continues to grow. Over the last few years, many folks were here for
extended periods which gave them time to further develop their skills and explore new art
forms. We’re seeing an increased interest in art workshops for adults and children alike. We
sponsor a multitude of classes as well as ten exhibits each year, open to artists of all ages and
Finding great art in Brevard does not take much effort. A stop at the Visitors Center can put you
on the right track. There you’ll find a list of galleries, upcoming events, and information about
the Downtown Brevard Sculpture Walk, which can be a great way to get the lay of the land
while also taking in some world-class animal sculptures. From there, it’s an easy drive out to

Cedar Mountain, Toxaway, Rosman, and the other Transylvania communities where you’ll
discover all the beautiful things that people have made in this beautiful place.
 “Transylvania County is fortunate to have such a widespread and diverse artistic community,”
says Kathy. “We encourage everyone in our community to support local artists, local musicians,
and the arts in general.”
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