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November 2022 Update
PennKey Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Now Available
We are pleased to announce that the new PennKey Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) application is now available. SSPR is a modern, secure, easy-to-use app for resetting your own PennKey password if forgotten – using only your pre-registered personal (non-Penn) email address and cell phone number.
Using SSPR for PennKey Password Resets
  • Before using the app, you must have previously enrolled in SSPR and registered your preferred personal contact information.
  • Once enrolled, you can use SSPR to send a code to your registered personal email to quickly reset a forgotten password at any time. After completing the reset, a notification message will be sent to both your registered personal email and cell phone (both are required to use SSPR).
Note: Those who choose not to enroll in SSPR will continue to contact their LSPs or Service Desks if they need to reset forgotten PennKey passwords.
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