RSVP for this CIERP & CREATE Research Seminar of this semester!
RSVP for this CIERP & CREATE Research Seminar of this semester!

Agrosocial Resilience in a Changing World: Working Across the Coffee Supply Chain in a Coupled Socio-Environmental System

Presented by Colin Orians
Co-investigators include Laura Kuhl and Sean Cash

Monday, October 7, 2019

12:30 pm – 1:45 pm

Crowe Room

The Fletcher School
Ecological systems (natural and managed) are changing under the weight of human activities, and impacting individuals that depend on these systems.  Resilience, the capacity of systems to recover or adapt to perturbations, is an increasingly important concept in socio-ecological systems, and commonly used to inform decision-making by policy makers, scientists and the general public. While the concept has been applied to natural and human systems, integrating the two is challenging but essential. Such an integration, including feedbacks, is critical to our ability to examine the capacity of systems to adapt in a constantly changing world.  Agro-ecological systems represent an ideal context to study feedbacks between the natural and social. Farmers are highly dependent on the capacity of the farm to sustain production, and affected by numerous actors in the supply chain (institutions, markets, and consumers). Our collaborative research focuses on coffee, and aims to identify local and global factors that increase or decrease “agrosocial resilience” of the farm and the farmer.
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A light lunch will be served. Please bring your own beverage.
Colin Orians is a Professor of Biology at Tufts University. He serves on the Editorial Board for Oecologi, as an Associate Editor for AoB PLANTS, and is the previous Chair of the Plant Herbivore Interaction Gordon Research Conference, and is the Director of the Environmental Studies Program. Colin is interested in Global Change Biology, with particular emphasis on climate change, species invasion, and sustainability of natural and agricultural ecosystems. As a research group, he currently works in diverse agroecosystems – tea in China, coffee in Costa Rica, and vegetables and grains in Massachusetts – as well as in old fields, hemlock forests and urban green roofs. For example, he is studying the effects of climate change and herbivores on tea chemistry, and how it affects tea quality and productivity (as well as farmer livelihoods!). By integrating physiological, chemical, isotope techniques and theory, he strives to elucidate patterns, identify mechanisms, and anticipate future threats. 
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