It's all about energy and intuition!
It's all about energy and intuition!
March 15, 2016 - Volume 3 Issue 3
Real Life Spark
...igniting the next generation of YOU!
Deb's Sparks
Welcome March! The official start of Spring is only a few days away.  We made it!  While it was not a particularly snowy Winter in the Northeast, it seemed like a really long Winter. Yay for Spring!
With the change of the seasons, its time to reflect on my intentions and plans for the year and adjust if necessary.  I review my Vision Board, check in with my One Word and think about the essence of the season.
Spring symbolizes re-birth, re-new, re-fresh! The flowers start poking their heads through the soil, reminding us of growth. It's also time to plan the garden.  What seeds will you plant this Spring to grow through the Summer and harvest in the Fall?
It's going to be a busy Spring for me as I have finally decided to move!  I've been working with a real estate agent to find the next house of my dreams, closer to Mom and Dad.  It's very exciting.  Within two weeks of starting the hunt, I made an offer, it was rejected and the process continues.  It's all good.
This experience reminds me why I don't shop for a new car until I really need one: I usually come home with new keys. What we energetically put forward is returned.  When I focus on a new car, I find one.  
I have been talking about moving closer to my parents for more than 3 years.  When I focused my energy on moving, all of the pieces started to fall into place.  Buying a house is a bit different than buying a car, but the theory works.  The right house will find me at the right time.
As you focus your energy on Spring and your intentions for the year, what specific things will you be doing this season?  What seeds will you plant in your garden of life?
Wishing you peace, love and sparks of growth this spring!  Deb
Igniting the Next Generation of YOU! Intuition overrides negative self-talk!
We continue to focus on self-worth, self-love and self-appreciation.   Do you notice a track of negative statements going through your head?  Things like: I'm not good enough.  They won't hire me.  I'm too fat.  I'm too thin. I'm not smart enough.
Negative self talk is  based in comparison and fear.  We started the new year trying to kick the comparison trap.  It's the voice of our "inner critic" and when your inner critic shows up, its time to shift your energy from fear and comparison and listen to your intuition.
I believe intuition is the voice of your heart and it always works for your greatest good.  So when your inner critic shows up, get quiet, turn inward and listen to your heart and the positive messages it has to offer.
Your intuition will help you shift your fear into love.
We'll continue the conversation next month.  XOXO.
Tools You Can Use! Are you paying attention to the signs?
Paying attention to the signs around us is one of the ways our intuition communicates with us.  Our days are so busy and we are bombarded with information that we often miss the signs right in front of us.
Are you seeing the same sequence of numbers?  On the clock, on the radio, house numbers?  Does the number have significance for you?
Are you hearing a song (over and over) that reminds you of someone?
Do you find that you can't stop thinking about a particular person? And then they call?
This is your intuition at work providing information you need.  As we are all individuals, its hard for someone else to interpret the signs we are seeing and experiencing.  You need to do this for yourself.
Trust your instinct and your intution.  Think about the signs and reflect on the messages and trust. Your first reaction is typically accurate.
Slow down and pay attention to the signs this month.
Deb's Bookshelf
February's book was Rising Strong: The Reckoning, The Rumble, The Revolution by Brené Brown.  I loved this book.  Read my thoughts here.
Our book for March is Your Divine Lens by Sue Frederick. Sue is my mentor and I'm looking forward to reading her latest book and sharing my insights with you.  Join me and read along!
Deb Wilber is an intuitive coach and personal transformation expert.  Her coaching practice, Real Life Spark™,  helps women  transform their lives from the inside out,  so they can live their best life now!
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