All the housing news you need this month
All the housing news you need this month
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September 2018

A Note on the Short-Term VAWA Extenstion & Housing

Please note that regardless of what happens with the VAWA reauthorization, the VAWA statutory housing protections will not sunset and will remain in effect. Therefore, all VAWA implementing authorities (e.g. HUD regulations; HUD/RD notices; guidances by state housing finance agencies) will continue to be in effect as well. Covered housing providers must still adhere to their VAWA obligations.

Additional Resources

On a given night, there are over 12,000 individual and family households in domestic violence (DV) shelters, with thousands more victims of violence waiting for space to open up (NNEDV, 2016).  For women, families, and other survivors of domestic violence who can't safely return to their home, and who need more time and support than a short-term DV shelter provides—to heal, address pressing needs, and arrange for safe and sustainable housing—transitional housing programs operated with grant support from the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) represent a vital alternative to homelessness, extended housing instability, and/or dangerous return to the abusive living situation they fled.

Transitional Housing for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence: A 2014-15 Snapshot takes a comprehensive look at the challenges facing transitional housing programs and the survivors of domestic and sexual violence that they serve, the underlying issues and contributing factors, and the diverse approaches taken by programs to address those challenges.

Developed by AIR’s National Center on Family Homelessness with funding from OVW (Grant #2012-TA-AX-K003), the report and accompanying media were informed by extended provider interviews with more than 120 current and former OVW grantees (42% of whom also received grant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development), and a thorough literature review and survey of relevant online resources.
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