More stories from our residencies
More stories from our residencies
Dear Friend, 
Evie, one of our Teaching Artists, shared a beautiful moment from the Special Education class where she was leading an Upstream Arts' program:
"At one point Paul, one of the students, was playing a drum for an exercise called Rhythm Reaction. One person plays a series of beats, and the others move in response. The whole class was gathered around Paul, collectively responding to his rhythm with movement. He dropped his drumstick a few times, and each time a different student picked it up for him and carefully handed it back to him. It was so supportive and caring."
We're honored by the way you, our incredible community of supporters, lift up and care for each other by investing in this work. Your contributions give us a steady rhythm, so that we can all keep playing and growing in joyful inclusive creativity.
It will take $29,334 before December 31, 2019 to say yes to all 33 classrooms and groups that have asked for our residencies this spring. Invest today to ensure that every student has the opportunity to practice their rhythm with the support of their community. 
Invest Today!
With abundant thanks for all that you do,
Julie, Matt, Bree, and everyone at Upstream Arts
You can be part of this creative, expansive work by investing in Upstream Arts!
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