September 24, 2021
Cures Act and Information Blocking
In 2016 Congress passed the Cures Act which directs any health care entity or clinician to allow patients immediate access to their electronic medical records via an online portal. This includes immediate release of test results, imaging studies, pathology reports, progress notes and more. We know this has severe implications that you as clinicians are already experiencing. In some cases, patients are receiving test results before the physician has a chance to review them. Please see below for links that will help as you navigate this with your patients. GLMS is currently working to provide additional resources and information to you on this subject. We will be sharing that as soon as those are available.
The GLMS Foundation releases new PSAs!
These new PSAs addresses common myths about the COVID-19 vaccine. We encourage you to download these videos and share on your own social media -- and don’t forget to tag GLMS in your post!
Share on your own social media!
In the fight to end this pandemic, we must encourage patients, family and friends to get their COVID-19 vaccine. Share these images (click above to download) on your own social media pages to stop the misinformation online and to inspire people to do their part to keep our community healthy and safe!
High School Football Team Physicians
Thank you to all of the physicians in our community that have volunteered to serve as high school football team physicians! There is not currently a team physician for Shawnee High School or Moore High School. If you would like to volunteer at Shawnee, Moore or any of our local schools, please contact Ellis & Badenhausen Orthopaedics, PSC at 502-587-1236 x2224.
Did you know?
The GLMS Physician Wellness Program is available to all GLMS members. This was designed as a safe-harbor for physicians to address normal life difficulties and physician burnout in a confidential, professional environment. We offer free, confidential counseling for members with no insurance billed. Call Raskin & Associates at 502-394-9990 to set up your confidential appointment.
GLMS has launched a new texting service! 
As your local membership organization, we want to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on within GLMS and our community. 
If you would like us to text you with announcements, emergency alerts or upcoming opportunities, please text the word “GLMS” to 833-509-1891. 
If you would like to receive updates regarding physician wellness, wellness life hacks and events, please text the word “Wellness” to 833-509-1891 
 Note standard text messaging rates may apply.

CATO Senior Physicians Group

Tuesday, October 12 at 12 p.m. via Zoom

Zoom meeting:
Meeting ID: 882 0913 5504
Call in: 301-715-8592 (Use the Meeting ID and press # after)
To RSVP, contact Kimberly Risinger at 502-736-6366 or
Read our September Board of Governors Highlights
Bullying is a serious problem facing both our children and peers alike and it must be confronted head on. This month in Louisville Medicine, we’re taking a stand and looking at the causes, effects and long-term resolutions for bullying in today’s society. Read more about what GLMS physicians are saying here.
2021-2022 Louisville Medicine Themes
We are always looking for new authors for Louisville Medicine! If you’d like to write on any of the below themes, please contact Kathryn Vance at
  • December 2021 - Super Heroes (What or who embodies a super hero to you? Who are your health care heroes?)
  • January 2022 - Mental Health
  • February 2022 - Multigenerational medical families
  • March 2022 - Maternal fetal health
  • April 2022 - Artificial intelligence
Dr. Melissa Platt is an emergency medicine physician with UofL Health, Professor in the Dept. of Emergency Medicine at UofL and Program Director of the UofL Emergency Medicine Residency Program--and also this month’s Dr. Who. On top of her practicing and teaching responsibilities, she is also a strong advocate for patients and colleagues at a local and national levels. “Policy, writing laws, and advocating for patients can have just as profound of an impact and are probably just as important as the lifesaving measures, I do at the bedside.” 
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