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In this issue: See if online proctoring is right for you, and use these resources to get ready for your exam.
It’s been a year since NCARB launched the online proctoring option for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). In that time, we’ve worked with our exam delivery partners to release new tools and software updates to give you the best exam experience possible.
Is Online Proctoring Right for You?
More candidates than ever are taking the ARE online, but many still prefer testing in person. Not everyone has access to the testing environment or tools needed to take an online-proctored exam, and it’s important that you choose the exam delivery method that’ll set you up for success. Check out our delivery method checklist to see if online proctoring is the right testing option for you!
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Online Proctoring Resources
If you’re planning on testing online, use these tools and resources to prepare for your appointment.
Schedule a test run to go through the check-in process with a real Prometric proctor and make sure your system and testing space meet all the requirements.
Watch this video to learn how to properly set up your online proctoring environment, plus other dos and don’ts for your appointment.
Our Online Proctoring Requirements document outlines both NCARB and Prometric’s must-haves for candidates testing online—including an external webcam with autofocus.
Online Proctoring Tips
Read our blog for online proctoring tips, with insights from both NCARB and fellow exam candidates.
Tech Issue Update
NCARB saw a slight increase in tech issues among exam candidates in late November. The overall proportion of candidates reporting tech issues is now 6 percent (up 2 percentage points), largely due to an increase in candidates taking online-proctored exams. More candidates than ever (32 percent) are testing online, although most candidates (68 percent) take the ARE at Prometric test centers.

If you’re testing online, you can avoid common technical issues by: 1) making sure your internet service can support a consistent connection throughout your appointment, and 2) disabling all antivirus and internet security applications prior to launching your appointment. If you experience a technical issue during your exam, immediately notify your proctor and then contact NCARB within 15 days. Remember, if you’re unable to complete the exam due to a major technical issue, we will work with you to reschedule the division at no cost.

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