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November 2020
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New Industrial Hygiene/Chemical Exposure Web Page

With the release of the new Industrial Hygiene program, the RMS web page has been updated. The Industrial Hygiene/Chemical Exposure web page incorporates information from the former Chemical Exposure page. In addition, the methodology behind qualitative and quantitative assessments is explained. The Industrial Hygiene Matrix and Sampling Schedule are available upon request from Erin Hafner at

New Job Hazard Analysis Web Page

The RMS website has been updated to now include a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) web page. The Job Hazard Analysis web page provides details on how to use this technique which helps integrate accepted safety and health principles and practices into a particular job task to reduce hazards and risk of injury to workers. Links to the JHA procedure and forms needed to complete your JHA are also included. For more information, please visit the Job Hazard Analysis web page.

Safety Alerts

At Notre Dame:
Lab Incident - Benchtop Fire -  A small fire occurred in a laboratory when vapors from a spilled beaker containing ethanol ignited. The incident did not result in any injuries, only minor property damage. For complete details, please read the safety alert here.
At Other Universities:
Lab Explosion - Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ -  Three people were injured and two hospitalized after a lab explosion during a routine clean up. The explosion occurred while a biological cabinet was being decontaminated by a contracted company. For more information, please read here.
Lab Fire - North Dakota State University, Fargo ND - 
Fire crews responded to a blaze inside the chemistry building at North Dakota State University. It was later determined that the blaze was caused by unattended chemicals left on top of a heating device. For the complete story, please read here.
Lab Fire - Northwestern University - Evanston, ILA graduate student suffered burns to his upper body due to a lab fire at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. For more information, please read here.

Lab Explosion - Purdue University, West Lafayette, INIn August 2020 an explosion inside Purdue University's Wetherill Hall of Chemistry injured two people. A vessel in a hood exploded. For more information, read this article.

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL  - OSHA cited 3 employers – Northwestern University, Hill Mechanical Corp. and National Heat & Power Corp. – for exposing workers to confined space hazards. Proposed penalties for the 3 companies total $235,962.
OSHA received an employer-reported complaint after an employee suffered burns from a release of steam while working in a vault at Northwestern’s Evanston Campus.
OSHA determined that Northwestern University contracted Hill Mechanical Corp. to make repairs and that neither company implemented adequate permit-required confined space safety measures. OSHA cited Northwestern University for failing to provide required information to contractors and coordinate activities, identify and evaluate hazards, isolate energy, perform air monitoring, provide required signage, complete entry permits, evaluate their confined space hazard program and ensure the ability to rescue employees from a confined space. The university faces penalties of $105,835 for 9 serious violations.
“Employers on multi-employer job sites must coordinate tasks and train workers on jobsite hazards to prevent injuries,” said OSHA. “Workers in confined spaces face increased risk of exposure to serious physical injury from confinement and limited access, making this coordination even more important.”
For more information, read this article or view the citation.


If you have completed the Fire Extinguisher Training in ComplyND and your course still shows as “in progress” try this helpful tip!  

Return to ComplyND and once the course loads on your “my training” page, click the launch button.  Once you open the course click the “EXIT LESSON” button.  Even though the course produced a certificate for your hard work, clicking the “EXIT LESSON” button fully moves the course to a completed status.  Below is a screen shot showing where this can be found:

Management of Change & Contractor Safety for ND Program Managers

RMS has developed two new courses that are now available in complyND. Please see the following for information on both, as well as visiting our updated Training Needs Assessment:

Management of Change For ND Project Managers –This training is for those who manage projects, Notre Dame personnel, or contractors making physical changes to facilities, buildings, labs or other areas across campus. It covers the procedural elements of the newly issued Management of Change (MOC) Program.

Contractor Safety For ND Project Managers - This training is for those who have contractor oversight. It covers ND's Contractor Safety Program, including the contractor approval process, contractor employee ND training requirements, when a contractor is required to have a site safety plan, and requirements for ND personnel to conduct pre-job and periodic site safety checks.

Occupational Health Corner

Ergonomics is described as fitting the job to the person rather than forcing the person to fit the job. Risk Management and Safety has implemented an Ergonomics Program to improve the overall health and safety of faculty and staff by preventing work-related injuries caused by musculoskeletal disorders. 

RMS provides tips for Office Ergonomics as well as for Remote Work and partners with the Notre Dame Wellness Center to conduct ergonomic assessments. These ergonomic assessments focus on the work environment and items such as the design and function of workstations, controls, displays, safety devices, tools and lighting to fit the employee’s physical requirements, capabilities and limitations. Assessments can be scheduled by contacting the Notre Dame Wellness Center at 634-9355.

Should you have questions on ergonomics or ergonomic assessments, please contact Erin Hafner at with RMS for assistance.
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