Education News for October 2020

A map of Lewis and Clark's route as they explored land acquired during the Louisiana Purchase

This primary source is a map of the route Meriwether Lewis and William Clark took across the western part of North America following the Louisiana Purchase.  During their expedition, Lewis and Clark traveled from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.  
The Missouri River system is depicted in great detail.  Salt springs, saltworks, army camps, forts, springs, Native American nations and villages (including population), ancient fortifications and other annotations are shown along their route.  Specific details of their journey are noted, including Fort Mandan, Floyd's grave, Pompey's Tower, Fort Clatsop, travellers' rests and observation points.
This source meets the 4.16 and 8.30 Tennessee social studies standards.
For more primary sources about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, be sure to visit our website.

Digital Breakouts!

Our education team is excited to announce a new project to bring our collections virtually to you and your students through our Digital Breakout games.  These online games challenge your students to explore primary and secondary sources in a fun and engaging way with the goal of "breaking out."  Each game focuses on a different topic or set of grade-specific Tennessee social studies standards.  No two games are alike, so your students will enjoy investigating each one.  Find our current selections here.  Our staff is creating new games each month, so be sure to check back for additional games as we continue to release new ones during the semester!

NowPlayingNashville Artober Learning Lab

Casey Gymrek, our Education Outreach Archivist, and Kate Greene Smith, our Youth Services and Special Projects Coordinator, are teaming up to host a learning lab presentation with NowPlayingNashville for K-12 students.  The virtual learning lab will focus on African-American history, personal stories and memory-making through the combination of history and art.  Students will learn about Fisk University, the Fisk Jubilee Singers, scrapbooking and more.  Visit to catch this learning lab and others throughout October!

2020 Student Mock Election

The Secretary of State's office is conducting a Student Mock Election this fall for the Presidential Election. This office is also running the annual Civics Essay Contest, where students can earn scholarship money. Eligible students aged sixteen and older can work as a Poll Official in their county on Election Day and then submit an essay on their experience and the importance of performing our civic duty. 
Please go to the website, Student Civic Engagement Resources, to find lesson plans and activities as well as information on how to sign up to participate in the Student Mock Election 2020.
If you have any questions regarding the Student Mock Election or essay contest, please contact Brad Parker at (615) 532-0824 or

Discover Tennessee History

Discover Tennessee History is excited to launch a webinar series for the 2020-2021 school year.  On the second Tuesday of each month, a Discover Tennessee partner organization will offer a one-hour session exploring a Tennessee history topic. It will include related primary sources and educational resources your students can use. The next webinar is on Oct. 13!  To see a list of upcoming sessions, visit our website.  There is no cost to participate in this webinar series, but you must register for each webinar individually.

Webinar Series

The Tennessee State Library and Archives education team will offer a professional development webinar series this school year. Topics include primary sources for Tennessee & American history, Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) resources for social studies, genealogy and much more!
Social Studies Resources from the Tennessee Electronic Library: Proquest Historical Newspapers-The Nashville Tennessean will take place on Oct. 20 at 4 p.m. CT/5 p.m. ET. 
To register, visit our website!

Tennessee Blue Book:  A History of Tennessee - Student Edition

Are you teaching Tennessee History this school year? If so, check out the Tennessee Blue Book:  A History of Tennessee - Student Edition for student-friendly text, primary sources and assessment quizzes that tell the story of the great state of Tennessee!
Click here to check it out!
Note:  (Please  email for quiz/discussion answer keys.

Autumn view of Grassmere property

This primary source  represents an Autumn view of the Grassmere property in Nashville.
Description:  Color photograph of the front of the Grassmere property. Written on the reverse of the photo: "Grassmere-Oct. 17, 1976.   The maple tree by the spring (left) and the elm tree beside the driveway."
Visit our website to learn more about the history of the Grassmere property.

Tennessee Electronic Library

The Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) provides access to World Book encyclopedias, scholarly journals, the Tennessean archives and so much more!

One of the many TEL resources, Middle School:  Gale in Context, is designed for middle school students and provides access to reference works, biographies, magazine and journal articles, primary source documents and multimedia.
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