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All children benefit from and have a right to well-informed instruction.
All children benefit from and have a right to well-informed instruction.
Vol. 6, No. 15
October 2018

Dyslexia Awareness Month by the Numbers

Ensuring that every child learns to read

October was a busy and rewarding month of teaching and learning, meeting new people, and reconnecting with colleagues and friends at DyslexiaCon18. All month long, we felt the shared passion for and commitment to ensuring that every child learns to read.   
The evidence and research behind the science of teaching reading is abundantly clear. All children benefit from well-informed instruction and as such, it is each child’s inalienable right to receive it.

2 Out-of-State Presentations

Margie Gillis, EdD, CALT, kicked off Dyslexia month early, offering the 9/26 keynote at Decoding Dyslexia Iowa. On 10/13, she presented a workshop on Comprehension to the Ohio Valley Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. 

4 Library Presentations

On 10/4, Margie presented "Countdown to Kindergarten" at the Westport Public Library, sponsored by Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities. Literacy Volunteers sponsored three presentations Margie gave at Norwalk Public Libraries on 10/2, 10/16, and 10/20. 

2 Workshops in Literacy How's Structured Literacy Series

On 10/11, Margie presented "Understanding and Assessing Language-Based Learning Disabilities, Including Dyslexia" to special education teachers in Norwalk Public Schools. Mentor Wendy North presented "Phonemic Awareness and Beginning Phonics: The Foundation of Learning to Read" on 10/17 to Fall 2018 series attendees. The workshops are part of Literacy How's five-session Structured Literacy Series.  
Learn more and register for Spring 2019 series, which starts February 27th.

1 DyslexiaCon18 Panel

On 10/24, Margie was one of the distinguished panelists at DyslexiaCon18's Opening General Session, "We Know What We Know, So What Do We Do Now?" 

3 DyslexiaCon18 Presentations by Margie Gillis

10/25. Co-presenter with Nancy Chapel Eberhardt, Using Writing to Develop Reading Comprehension with Beginning Readers 
10/26. Co-presenter with Susan C. Lowell, M.A., BCET, Dyslexia Basics: What Every Student, Parent, and Teacher Should Know 
10/27. Chair, Research Colloquia, "Early Screening & Intervention for At-Risk Children: Lessons Learned from the Lab to the Classroom" 
PresenterResearch Colloquia, The Early Language and Literacy Initiative (ELLI): Key Elements of a School-Based Intervention Program for Preschool Children At-Risk for Dyslexia/Reading Disabilities

1 Authors' Book Signing Session

Co-authors Margie Gillis and Nancy Eberhardt signed Phonemic Awareness and Phonics: Knowledge to Practice at the IDA bookstore at DyslexiaCon18. 
Titles in the Literacy How Knowledge-to-Practice Professional Learning Series include Syntax and Vocabulary.

1 DyslexiaCon18 Booth, 20 buttons & 80 pounds of Macoun apples

12 Literacy How Staff

attending more than 50 presentations

over 4 days.

And Palooza-going pirate

We hope your Dyslexia Awareness month was as empowering, enlightening, and envigorating as ours!
Our Mission is to EMPOWER TEACHERS  to ensure that every child learns to read by third grade.
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