Expand Every Interaction
Expand Every Interaction
The Floor Times 
from The Greenspan Floortime Approach®
30 September 2017
September has come and gone. Even though school has started, and hopefully many parents are able to “catch their breath”, it’s important to remember that what can happen at home has the potential to help children more than what any school can offer.  While many schools do everything they can to help children throughout the day, at home even daily routines and common experiences with family can involve Greenspan Floortime.  September's Greenspan Floortime theme of "Expanding" is here to remind us that every interaction can be expanded, whether it’s a pure Greenspan Floortime session or getting ready in the morning. 
Numerous parent education and coaching models have research showing their effectiveness at reducing the symptoms and improving the communication and social skills of children with challenges like autism spectrum disorders. However, there's only one set of these techniques that is based on our current understanding of neuroplasticity, The Greenspan Floortime Approach®.  Greenspan Floortime is also the only approach that has a validated developmental model to support its goals and help guide parents in understanding what their child’s core challenges are, and what their child's program's main priorities should be.
Please enjoy this excerpt from The Floortime Manual™, and the audio clips by Dr. Greenspan discussing how parents can use every experience in their child's life to constantly expand and improve communication.

Dr Greenspan's Definition of Expand: 

An Excerpt from the newly published
The Floortime Manual
...It’s crucial to try to expand every interaction, play scenario, and conversation with a child—gradually, each one, another and another and another. Expansion provides a child the opportunity to change repetitive play and behavior patterns, improve creativity, and become a more dynamic social problem solver. Expansion of activities and ideas is important for all children, but specially for a child who has the tendency to get stuck in repetitive or rigid thought patterns. 
Expansion needs to be gradual. By gradually expanding the play and our interactions with a child, we can make subtle change into a fun and exciting experience. Too big of a change can upset a child. 
More and more professionals agree that a parent-centered approach is the ideal for children with autism and other developmental challenges. The Greenspan Floortime Approach strengthens the most important relationships in a child’s life, gives parents control over their child’s development, and smoothly integrates developmental activities into everyday life. As a result, children can progress all the time, not just when they are in a therapy session.
The Greenspan Floortime Approach can improve the core deficits of developmental challenges, like relating and communicating, and applies to children of all ages and developmental abilities. It never assumes that there is a limit to what children with special needs can achieve, but rather continues to challenge each child to rise to his or her true developmental potential.    
 THE GREENSPAN FLOORTIME APPROACH® 2017 International Conference
When: October 21 and 22, 2017

Where: Miami Beach Resort & Spa, Miami, FL

Dr. Greenspan always envisioned a facility that fully integrated his philosophy and techniques into all facets of its programs.  It wasn’t until the start of The Floortime Center® that his vision became reality. 

Come and listen to the directors of The Floortime Center®, Jake Greenspan and Tim Bleecker, discuss The Greenspan Floortime Approach® and the Learning Tree Model. They will also discuss how to integrate Greenspan Floortime into all facets of a child's program.
Throughout the presentations they will discuss how to improve,
  • Attention and Compliance

  • Interaction and Communication

  • Self-regulation: sensory and emotional

  • Eye contact and Visual processing

  • Relationships

  • Self-stimulatory behaviors

  • Aggressive behaviors

  • Avoidant behavior 


    Dr. Greenspan's Story
    Expanded Co-Regulated Interactions can help with Behaviors
    Expanding Gestural Communication before Targeting Language
    Expanding Gestural Communication  and Expanding Emotional Range
    Expanding Communication by Connecting Language to Affect
     Learn more Floortime and improve your skills with:
    Or go to
    www.StanleyGreenspan.com for everything Greenspan Floortime.
     Conference Keynotes Include:
    Dr. Golnar Abedin, the Founder and Director of Creative Minds International Public Charter School. A public school that uses Greenspan Floortime therapeutically and as a Social Emotional Curriculum for all students.
    Romina Labe and Maria Ines Herrera, the directors of The Floortime Center® Santiago Chile
    Jiselle Velazquez, The Floortime Center’s head Occupational Therapist
    Dyan Spruill, The Floortime Center’s head Speech and Language Pathologist
    John Balsley, The Floortime Center’s Visuo-Cognitive Therapist and a direct trainee of Dr. Harry Wachs, 
    Jiselle and Dyan, the multidisciplinary Foodtime™ therapy team at The Floortime Center, will additionally present an important and informative lecture on feeding challenges. 

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