It's a different kind of Spring at GVSU...
It's a different kind of Spring at GVSU...
Grand Valley State University
James H Zumberge Hall

What's Happening in Community Engagement

Spring 2020

As we continue to live and work through these unique times, I would like to encourage all of us to keep our eyes open for silver linings. With rapidly changing personal, professional and community needs coupled with the physical distancing we are all adjusting to, it can be easy to overlook what is actually being learned and how we are growing to meet new challenges.
At face value, the term “social distance” does not necessarily compliment nor support the idea of community engagement, however, one of the key criteria for learning through new experiences (as well as designating a community based learning (CBL) course section) is the incorporation of intentional and guided reflection.
The use of reflection can be a powerful vehicle for learning, especially when it is utilized before, during and after new and unfamiliar experiences.
The opportunity to learn through reflection has never been better. As I do some reflecting of my own, it becomes more and more apparent to me that the communities I knew before may never be the same again, and the needs of today will likely be different in the months and years to come.
The emergence of new needs, new challenges, and new opportunities demands new ways of thinking and new approaches with regards to how our work, respective disciplines and areas of expertise might serve the greater good. Stepping back to reflect on a prompt like this can serve to realign the level of relevance each of us might have as an academic in both our physical and academic communities.
Networks of Support are being formed now at GVSU. Although many of us are limited with how we engage in the community for the moment we can all begin making connections and plans to support the communities we love for the future.  
- Travus Burton 

Help Out During the Region's COVID-19 Response

As Lakers we understand that even as we manage the impacts on our university, we must also look beyond to serve our community and society as we are able. Please check out the following centralized resources for opportunities to volunteer – even remotely – or to donate to support in the COVID-19 response and continue to check for updates and opportunities.
Volunteer opportunities for students can be found on the Community Service Learning Center website.

Gov. Whitmer and MDHHS launched a new volunteer website,, where trained medical professionals can register to serve their fellow Michiganders by assisting hospitals in fighting COVID-19. Other state residents also can use the site to find out how they can help in their local communities, give blood, donate money or needed medical supplies, or assist public health officials in tracking infections.
Click here for more information

Medical Mask Project

We need your help getting more masks in the hands of health care providers in our region!

Grand Valley's engineering faculty and staff, along with members from our community, are hard at work making masks. There is a cost for materials that the university is currently funding, but additional resources are needed to continue this important work.

We're trying to raise $5,000 in the next two weeks to produce more masks. Can you help? A gift of any size is appreciated.

Thank you for helping Grand Valley help our community. We're in this together!
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2020 Census

The US Census occurs every ten years and your participation matters! The 2020 Census will directly impact political representation for the next decade, federal funding and will inform other decisions guided by census data. Here are a few important things to know:

  • ALL people (without regard to citizenship status) need to submit the Census.
  • On and off-campus students should complete the Census online using your college address. According to the US Census Bureau, “When responding to the 2020 Census, college students should be counted where they live and sleep most of the time as of April 1, 2020. For most students, that means in their college town, not back home with their parents. Parents or guardians should only include children in college who live with them full time during the school year. They should not list college students studying or living abroad on April 1st".
  • In light of COVID-19, if you have gone back to your hometown (and are not living at or near GVSU), you should still count yourself for here, even if you won’t be here on April 1st.
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Campus Compact Awards

Grand Valley State University and Campus Compact for Michigan are pleased to request your nominations for the following community engagement awards. The deadline for nominations has been extended to April 16 at 4:00 PM.
There are three awards to nominate deserving individuals. Each member campus can nominate their recipient(s) of these awards. These materials go forward to a review committee for the statewide premiere awards. Click the buttons below to learn more about each award and nominate someone! 
Student Nomination
Staff Nomination
Faculty Nomination

Community Spotlight: Grand Rapids Public Museum Middle School Partnership

admin team students overlooking the river
students in museum professor working with student group
Each week during their EDR 321 class, Erica Hamilton's group of GVSU College of Education students walks from the DeVos Center to the Grand Rapids Public Museum to spend an hour working on literacy development with small groups of 6th grade students from the Grand Rapids Public Museum Middle School. You can find them scattered around the three floors of the museum experiencing place-based education at its finest, bringing learning alive to both sets of students. 
Grand Rapids Public Museum School students benefit from place-based and project-based education that makes their learning more relevant to them each day. The opportunity for GVSU students to directly apply what they are learning and gain teaching experience during their class period makes their learning more relevant to them, as well. Additionally, the GVSU students have access to the GRPMMS teachers to answer questions and give their perspective on a unique style of teaching. It truly is a reciprocal relationship.
GRPMMS Interview
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