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june Newsletter 2016
june Newsletter 2016
Take Us With You

While shopping at the Co-op the other day, I was dazzled by two college students buying up their favorite local items to bring home for the summer, “Can’t get this olive hummus (Good Faith Farms) & olive bread (Hearth & Stone) at the Whole Foods where my parents live.”
In the turn of a calendar page the town seems to slow down and speed up all at the same time. Schools are on break and noticeable amounts of people vacate our little town, be it on weekend explorations or week long vacations.In the hustle to get out of town, stop on in (maybe the day before!) and bring the local goodness of food & products (Kleen Kanteen, Chico Bags) with you.  

Please note, in the whirlwind of vacation planning, Chico Natural Foods has a new cash register software called Catapult. This is one of the near seamless changes that Chico Natural Foods Co-op did two months ago, which benefits you as a shopper (the new software is quick and efficient). It also benefits   the  store with improved data and time management capabilities. The Catapult upgrade demonstrates the Co-op’s attention to customer service, shoppers’ needs, and efficient processes. 

The fact that the Co-op took the steps to have such a system in place when our relocation occurs makes me proud to serve on the board. 

Take the Co-op with you wherever you go; we are growing with you and for you.
Enjoy the light of the impending summer!
Laurie Niles
Board Member
Klean Kanteens
Co-op Branded and Standard Klean Kanteens along side Life Factory Glass Bottle with Straw Cap
Blueberries with Laura Chenels Pure Goat Milk Cheese on Simple Mills Fine Ground Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers
Blueberries with Laura Chenels Pure Goat Milk Cheese on Simple Mills Fine Ground Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers 
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon 
Wheat Beer
Pro Bar Meals
Co-op Kitchen Yucatan Black Bean with Tofu Salad
Co-op Kitchen Yucatan Black Bean with Tofu Salad
Epic Bar Sea Salt and Pepper Salmon
Epic Bar Sea Salt and Pepper Salmon
Plums are one of the worlds’ oldest cultivated fruits. Historians believe they originated between Eastern Europe and the Caspian Sea. Cultivation of the plum may have begun as far back as 4,000 years ago. By the time of the Roman Empire there were over 300 varieties of European plums available. Most of them were blue to purple in color with a round appearance. In China and Japan the Asian plums were developed. They tended to be pointed with more of a yellow color, though green and red varieties were cultivated as well.
Plums From the Co-op
Plums From the Co-op
Plums are highly nutritious with very few calories.  Plum phytonutrients contain chlorogenic acid phenols which function as antioxidants and protect fat cell membranes from cancer causing agents. Plums and prunes help your body to absorb iron better. One plum contains about 8% of your recommended daily dose of vitamin C and protects you from free radicals. The fiber in plums and prunes helps to regulate blood sugar and relieve constipation. The propionic acid in prunes and plums helps to lower and cut cholesterol. Prunes also help to feed friendly gut bacteria. 

Plums can also be used for wine, vinegar and juice (mainly dried plum juice or prune juice). The wood from plum trees is also used for musical instruments and for handles on cookware and furniture. The city of Cleveland launched a campaign in the mid 1980’s declaring New York the Big Apple, but Cleveland as a plum. The word plum is used grammatically as a superlative end all, “That piece of pie was plum delicious!”

California farmers grow a variety of plums. The Santa Rosa plum, which was created by Luther Burbank in 1906 from a Japanese strain, is the most popular; it accounts for roughly 30% of the Golden State’s plum production. Other varieties include Wicksom, Elephant Heart, Golden Nectar, Friar Plum, Blue Damson and Emerald Beauty. California plum season runs from May to October and peaks in July. Expect to see locally grown, organic plums at the Co-op in June and July.

Kevin Durkin
Produce Buyer
In early April, the Co-op introduced a new point of sale software to our front end—Catapult by ECRS.  The change, though time-consuming, has been a major boon for the store. Owner sign-ups and renewals are faster and more efficient, we can search for owner accounts by name (rather than just phone number), and ringing up bulk and produce is easier for cashiers than ever. Our back-office and buyers have a slew of new capabilities as well, which will make inventory management and data analysis even easier.  Thanks to Catapult, we have a new benefit for owners, as well—e-receipts!
We here at the Co-op are very proud of last year’s introduction of recyclable, vitamin C-based receipt paper. Thanks to that change, we were able to greatly reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill from our store. E-receipts will allow us to print even fewer receipts out, while allowing you, our owners, to keep all your receipts digitally. All your receipts will be sent to the e-mail addresses of your choice [that’s right, addresses. If you’d like to send your receipt to multiple e-mail addresses, you can] , and you won’t ever need to receive a paper receipt again (unless you want one!).
Any cashier will be able to sign you up for e-receipts at one of the registers. After that, it will take about two minutes after a transaction for the receipt to arrive in your inbox. An important point: all receipts from that owner account will go to the e-mail address. That means that, if you sign up for e-receipts, all secondary owner’s receipts will also be e-mailed. For that reason, in the interest of owner privacy, we will require the primary owner’s permission before signing a secondary user up for e-receipts. E-mailed receipts are just one new feature that our switch to the Catapult point of sale software allows. Our IT Coordinator is eagerly exploring the capabilities of this dynamic software system, and we will be sure to share the fruits of his labors with our owners as they ripen.
Joey Haney
Ownership and Outreach
Owner-Only Sales
Bark Thins All Snacking Chocolates
Crystal Geyser All 1.25 liter Sparkling Mineral Waters
Kettle Foods All Organic 5 oz Potato Chips
Lotus Foods All Bagged Heirloom Rices
Napa Valley Naturals Select Cooking Oils
Peace Cereal All Cereals
Sambazon All Amazon Energy Drinks
Tree Hugger Fruit Bubblegum
Westbrae All 15 oz Whole Canned Beans
YumEarth All Family-Sized Candy Bags
Biokleen High-Efficiency Liquid Laundry Detergent 64 fl oz
Biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus 2lb
Citrus Magic All Natura
Air=Freshener Sprays


Fire Cider Raw Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey Tonic
Natural Calm Select Powdered Magnesium Supplements


Califa All Refrigerated Almond Milks


Organic Produce Cantaloupe, including pre-cut
Organic Produce Honeydew, including pre-cut
Organic Produce Galia & Other Muskmelon Varieties, including pre-cut


Co-op Bakery Carrot Cake Bites
Co-op Kitchen All Hummus Varieties


Golden Temple Granola Bulk French Vanilla Almond Granola
Golden Temple Granola Bulk Wild Blueberry Granola

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