Real-time location services boost high-volume warehouse applications
Real-time location services boost high-volume warehouse applications

Real-Time Location Services

The ATR7000

Ideal for indoor RTLS applications
The warehouse is a great place for storing goods and equipment.  It's also an ideal place to lose track of assets and materials without really trying!  That's why Zebra designed the ATR7000 RFID Reader.  The ability to track and manage inventory, equipment, material handling vehicles, and even workers -- in real time -- allows you to streamline operations and keep costs under control.
  • Pinpoint locationing accuracy
  • Outstanding Tag Visibility
  • Great Value
Download the ATR7000 datasheet and view the video for more details, then contact us to see if the ATR7000 is a good fit for your warehouse.
View the ATR7000 Video

Automate Nearly Every Aspect of your Inventory Management

In a busy warehouse, RFID solutions help users maximize material management efforts despite high-volume activity, and a variety of pallets, cases and tagged items moving in and out of  dock doors, shift after shift.  The FX9600 Fixed RFID reader is an affordable way to increase throughput with rugged reliability.
  • Industry-leading read rates
  • Exceptional read accuracy
  • Superior RF sensitivity
  • No hard-wired connection required
Read more about the FX9600 in our recent blog.

Inventory Management Gets a Boost with the MC3390R

  • Long-range RFID handheld reader
  • Best-in-class read range
  • Powerful Android™ Platform
  • Zebra's signature rugged design
Built for semi-industrial environments, yet lightweight and comfortable for full-shift use. 
Learn more in this Zebra RFID Application Brief
Zebra FX9600 Fixed RFID Reader


Whether it's handheld, fixed or RTLS, RFID is gaining in popularity in our on-demand economy of today.
Once considered a costly technology, RFID is making its way into mainstream warehouse applications. 
Read our blog to learn how it can be an affordable solution for inventory tracking.
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