Era of Megafires Coming to Burns
The Harney County Restoration Collaborative and High Desert Partnership are sponsoring the presentation Era of Megafires on Monday April 3rd at 6:30 PM at the Burns Historic Theater. Megafires, wildfires over 100,000 acres, and the destruction caused by them is a serious and growing issue to our region. This highly engaging film and presentation examines the history and impact of megafires and the ways that we can address them.
Dr. Paul Hessburg, who will be presenting, is a research ecologist with Pacific Northwest Research Station, has been studying historical & modern era forests of the inland west for the last 32 years, publishing extensively in leading national & international journals. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with local fire managers and Harney County Restoration Collaborative partners. 
We look forward to engaging with the community on the topic of fire. We hope everyone learns more about fire and some of the things we can do together to protect our human, plant, and animal communities.

Upcoming Events
April 11th
Board Member Meeting 
April 12th
Youth Initiative Meeting
April 25th
Tentative Harney County Restoration Collaborative Meeting
Governor Brown To Attend Youth Initiative Meeting
The upcoming youth initiative meeting will have an exciting guest! Oregon governor Kate Brown will be participating in the April meeting. She will hear directly from youth about what results they would like to see from the initiative. In another new development, each Harney County school principal will be inviting 3 to 4 youth to all future meetings. The principals' invitations honor initiative partners' commitment to have our youths' voice at the table. 
Harney County Restoration Collaborative
We have had two great meetings so far in 2017. In the February meeting, presentations were given by our partners Malheur Lumber Company and Iron Triangle. Malheur Lumber Company discussed how they were able to continue operating using small diameter timber and Iron Triangle provided a description of the small log processing plant being build in Seneca, OR. In the March meeting, partners reviewed, discussed, and updated the Common Ground Principles, which are the areas of forest management that the group has come to an agreement on. 
Fair in the Field - Fun For All Ages
We are teaming up with our partners for two days to provide fun and exciting activities that will give participants a better understanding of our ecosystems in Harney County. Next Thursday, 45 students from Hines Middle School will spend the day exploring with partners while being led by team leaders from Burns High School FFA. Friday we will be hosting youth from the Kids Club. Friday is also open to the public! We hope to see community members and bird festival attendees wandering through the stations and learning a little more about our unique environments in Harney County! 
And That's Not All...
In addition to Fair in the Field, we can be found other places during the Bird Festival. Come and visit our booth, which will be up throughout the festival at Burns High School! Our booth will have a freebie or two for you if you stop by! Our executive director Brenda Smith will be teaming up with Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partner Chris Colson with Ducks Unlimited to provide the Restoration Birding tour for the second year in a row. The tour is sold out and we look forward to demonstrating to participants all the work that Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative partners are doing in the basin!
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